49 / 52 – The First Sunday

49 / 52 – The First Sunday

On April 26, 2014, our family was standing at the starting line of something we could not ask or imagine.  A year prior to that, the Lord had told me we would go to Ireland.  He told me, but said He wouldn’t tell Branden for a season, to teach me to be quiet (ouch!)  Of course, in my excited stubbornness, I was adamant that I knew the plan (and how and when it should be carried out!)  Branden fought to lead, to protect and provide with all his might and understanding.  And God would wait.

Finally, a year later, we both conceded.  I was learning that the more I spoke, the less Branden could hear the Lord.  God was well able to speak to my husband, without all my “helpfulness.”  And Branden was learning to trust that God had a good plan, better anyway, than the plan he had himself.  And that God could and would take care of us, whatever He called us to.

We knew two things, separately.  I knew we were supposed go to Ireland.  Branden, in his time in prayer, believed the Lord was calling us to oversee a children’s ministry.

“We’ve been praying for a year.  The Lord hasn’t told me ‘Yes’ to Ireland, but He hasn’t said ‘No.’  Maybe it’s time we just take a step of faith.”  Branden’s words were honest, almost defeated, but there was also a looking up.  In throwing up his hands, he was saying he was open.

“What does that even mean?” I asked.  There were no open doors, no one waiting for us to come.  We didn’t even know any churches or ministries in Ireland.

“I don’t know,” he said.  “Maybe we should talk to our pastor.”

The next night, I took the boys to church.  Branden was working a shift at his overnight job.  After service, I sat with our pastor.  He knew that we’d been praying about missions, and that we had been on opposite sides.  I told him what Branden had said.  He told me he didn’t know anyone, any ministries in Ireland, but that maybe I should look in the Calvary Chapel Magazine.  There is a section where churches and ministries can put prayer requests and news.  Maybe there was something there.

I picked up a copy of the magazine and headed home.  Later that night, after the boys were in bed, I sat on the couch by myself.  Flipping through the pages, I found my way to the Ireland section.  There were five or six entries – some churches, some missionaries.  About halfway through was an entry for Calvary Cork.  Their only prayer request – someone to come and oversee their children’s ministry.

I closed eyes in teary disbelief!  Only God could have given each of us both sides of the same map, changed our unwilling hearts, and brought them together.

We sent an email to the pastor of Calvary Cork.  A few days later, we got a response.  The door was open!  We began praying and talking about a scouting trip.  Six months later, October of 2015, we came to Ireland for the first time.  It was then that the Lord finally told Branden we should come back, live and serve here full time.  We got home and began making preparations – selling everything, talking with people and churches about what the Lord was calling us to, getting ready to live in another country.

This October, one year after our scouting trip, the Lord brought us back!


December 4th was our first Sunday leading the children’s ministry of Calvary Cork!  There’s been much preparation going on since we’ve gotten here.  Branden and I were both really excited and extremely nervous about this first service!  Parents and kids began arriving; the room quickly grew fuller and louder as Branden led the kids in a game.  As service got started, we went through rules and announcements, did praise and worship together, watched a puppet skit, teaching, and object lesson.  Later we divided into smaller classes and did activities and crafts, looked more into the Bible and then came back together to look at a memory verse.

Overall, things went really well I think!  There are some big and small logistical things we are needing to work on, but the kids seemed to enjoy and learn, parents looked pleased, and God’s Word went out!

I heard a quote once about children’s ministry that said, “Kids go where there is excitement.  They stay where they feel loved.”  I hope we provide a place that has both!

I’m thankful for this church, for the Lord’s plan and that it includes us living and serving here, with these families and kids and fellowship!  And I’m thankful for each person and church that is sending us, the global body of Christ, supporting and working together for the purposes of the Kingdom.  He uses the foolish things, and I’m grateful that when we bring what little we have, even through stubbornness, He uses it to accomplish things for eternity!


I pray that we are faithful, that we remember how the Lord brought us here, that we love and follow and serve Jesus wholeheartedly every day we can.  And I pray that in Him, we love and serve His people well!


46 / 52 – The New Normal

46 / 52 – The New Normal

Hey Everyone, so the blog is being kind of weird and not letting me upload any pictures :/  I’m getting it figured out (hopefully), but for now, I’ll try to post them on Facebook with the update links.

So this last week was really good.  After more than a month of moving and transitioning and a lot of big things to get settled (not that we’re completely settled yet :) we finally started doing more “normal” things.  Our boxes of books and curriculum finally arrived the week before and I was able to lesson plan for this school year (I know, so late!)  So we did actually start school!  I have to say, I was REALLY surprised and encouraged by how things went!  Historically (at least in this house) the first couple of weeks are kind of a nightmare – lots of tears, patience being tested, just long, hard days trying to get back in the groove of things. Last week though, went incredibly well!

I’m so proud of the boys in this season.  We definitely have our days where we just feel run down, like we’ve been climbing uphill carrying weights, but for the most part, they have been incredible.  Even when I’m bracing myself for difficulty (like with school), they’ve surprised me, taking ownership or showing initiative to be kind or meet new people.  I knew the Lord would take care of us, that where leaving what we knew would be hard, He would sustain us.  I don’t think I quite expected to see our boys transition this well or even flourish so quickly.  Only the Lord can take credit for that, and I’m so thankful!

The other thing that started last week was Branden beginning to work at the church.  He’s been cleaning out a space for an office, organizing ministry things (most of which arrived with our school stuff), and starting to prepare curriculum for children’s ministry.

It feels great to finally start carving out a routine.  Honestly though, when I think about it, it’s kind of strange and incredible to be here, figuring out the new “normal.”

What’s incredible is that Ireland feels normal, like it’s perfectly natural to live in this country, to be with these new families and kids and church.  It feels like we’d been waiting for months, even years to be here, and now we are, and it feels…normal.  It’s like when you’re on a really long road trip, driving and seeing things, and you finally get to your destination.  The getting there might have been great, but you were on your way somewhere else.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”

Everyday we are finding new things that are not the same as in the States.  There are different phrases, some phrases I’m used to saying that don’t make sense to anyone here :)  We drive on the other side of the road here, with the steering wheel on the right side instead of the left and almost no one drives an automatic (by the way, I haven’t driven since we left Denver!)  The food is different and there are things that were so easy to get before that don’t really exist in Ireland.  The culture is different in so many ways; the pace of life is slower, people as a whole seem more relational.  In a way, it seems like really everything is different.  My family is far away and I have these moments of realizing how much I miss them.  So much.  But it also completely feels like this is exactly where we’re supposed to be.  Like the Lord, when creating us, had Ireland and Calvary Cork and these precious families in mind.  He meant us for this place, in this time and now we’re here.

I’m so very thankful.


40 / 52 – Home

40 / 52 – Home

Today is my Mom’s birthday!  It’s also our last day in the States before heading to the mission field in Ireland.

I got to spend the day with her yesterday, celebrating her (and running around trying to get all my last minute stuff done before leaving!)  We picked up a birthday gift, did a little shopping, and got massages, but mostly it was just really sweet to hang out together.


There have been a lot of seasons in my relationship with my Mom.  We’ve lived in my parents’ basement for a little over a year now.  It has had a few challenging moments, but for the most part, it’s been a gift, giving us time together before the season ahead, and I am so grateful!

We have this routine right now.  Before she heads to work in the morning, I get up and make her breakfast. We get a few minutes to chat before heading in different directions and beginning the day.  It’s been simple and become beautifully habitual.  And I think it’s going to be one of things I miss the most about home.

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There was a time when our hearts were away from each other.  Now we’re the closest we’ve ever been, and physical distance will separate us.  The word “Mom” has become synonymous for “Home.”  I’m so thankful for her, and for the year that we’ve had to be together.  Of all the things that are challenging in this transition, I think leaving her will be one of the hardest.  It’s not just that she’s walked with me through all the small and huge steps of the last year leading to Ireland.  It’s also the every day chats, eating food at her table and sitting down to meals together, sharing chores and kissing her goodbye before she leaves for work.

I’m thankful that as the Lord leads us, He is faithful to take care of our hearts.  In Him, we are not so far apart, and the promise of eternity teaches us to fix our hearts and minds on things above.  Home is ahead and not behind, and these days will be spent loving and living for the King and His heart to bring the world back to Himself.

Today my heart is both full and hurting.  In Jesus there is often both.  Tomorrow starts a new adventure, but today we’ll celebrate my Mom and enjoy family and look forward together.

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