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I hope you’ve noticed, we’re under blog construction here at Treu Image :)  I guess everything is under construction here!  Anyways, please bear with me as we’re slowly but surely getting all the links and pages up and running.  For the most part, I’m not very tech savvy.  All the cool changes are thanks to my sweet, sweet, amazing, smart, beautiful friend Victoria!
Also, I wanted to share a few pics of a recent wedding I got to help capture!  I love this couple’s victorian style; it totally fits them :)  What’s more amazing, the groom’s mother made the bride’s dress and groom’s jacket!!  Amazing, right?!

Congratulations Kyle and Laurie!!!

Here’s where I’m at…

“Be on your guard against all kinds of greed.”  – Luke 12:15
This is what the Lord said to me a few weeks ago.
Really?  Me? Greedy?  That’s a really strong, ugly word.  
But the Lord started to show me.  Pretty much every decision that I’ve made about my business has been somehow related to money.  
How much will it cost?  How much will we make?  How can I cut my expenses?  
Boost profits?  What does the rest of the market look like right now?  The list goes on.
But shouldn’t I consider those things?  Isn’t that smart business?
Okay then.
What is the purpose of this business?  Is it to make money?
Trick question right?
Then I started to get it.  Why hasn’t my purpose, my heart, been to reflect Jesus?  
To please and obey Him?  To serve my family?  To bless others?  Where has my focus been?
Needless to say, there have been some changes.  As the Lord showed me my heart, I started to look forward.  And I got excited :)  
Here’s where I’m at…
I love the Lord and want to obey Him, be like Him, share Him with others.  My business has to serve my family and fit into where the Lord has us right now.  I want to grow in my photography, shoot better, shoot different, try new things, I want to learn.  And I want to share, to teach and help others capture their families with photography.  
So things are gonna be different for Treu Image Photography:
Now, when you book a session:  
  • There is one flat fee.  $300 gets you the session (up to 2 hours for up to 5 people, $25 for each additional person).  
  • The flat fee also gives you your online slideshow and 15 fully edited images.  They are yours, print them as big or as small as you like, share them on the web, make Father’s Day ties and coffee mugs out of them.  They are YOURS!  
  • And if you need more than 15, you can order them for $25 per additional image.  
  • If you want me to print for you or you need special items like canvases or albums, I’m totally up for that.  Just order a la carte.  
  • No more picking your best 3 images and being sad instead of happy at the end of your shoot.
  • I do still have separate collections and packages for senior portraits and weddings, just because those sessions need certain things, but there are also some changes to the pricing and structure there.  Let me know if you’d like more information.
I know that my family is very young right now and I don’t want to miss anything.  They are my number one calling and I am so thankful to be responsible for taking care of them as a wife and as a mom.  My business has to serve them.
  • I’m not going to shoot on the weekends anymore.  The only exception to this is a wedding or if a family absolutely can’t do a weekday, but it’s not going to be the norm.  My time with my family is precious.
  • I’m only going to book two sessions a week and as much as possible, only in the evenings when Branden can be with the boys.  (This makes for great lighting too, so two reasons!)
I want to help other parents take great everyday pictures of their kids.  Whether it be documenting a birthday party, family vacations, or just playing in the sprinklers, I know (because it’s totally true for me!) capturing these everyday moments of your kids is important.  
I’m not sure what this looks like yet exactly, but I want to offer some kind of workshop to teach parents (or anyone really!) what they need to know to start taking amazing pictures of what really matters most to them.  
One more thing…I really do want to grow as a photographer, try new things, shoot different, better.  So I’m going to start doing what I am right now calling “Inspire Sessions.”  (Maybe I’ll figure out a cooler name for them later :)  I’m constantly scouring the web for images that inspire me to try something new, whether it be lighting techniques, styling, poses, just new stuff.  For the Inspire Sessions, I’ll post one such image on the blog, then we’ll do some sort of giveaway for a hefty print credit for anyone willing to let me use their family as a guinea pig.  We’ll still do everything you want to do at your session, but also try something new!  Exciting right?
I know that this is where the Lord has me right now, and if I’m learning anything about Him, it’s that He  is constantly moving, shaping and making us to be more like Him.  I don’t know how long some of these new changes will last, in fact, I’m pretty sure that there will be more new changes in the future!  That’s just how He likes to do things I think :)  I know that He is changing my heart, and I pray that it’s in a way that serves my family and yours.
Speaking of where I’m at, I can’t get enough of this kid, who he is and his little personality.  Have to admit, I’m kinda sad thinking about how fast he’s growing.  Praising the Lord for each day :)


I’m new around here

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to Treu Image Photography’s blog! It seems like everything these days is fast, digital, and via the web (well, there are a few good things that you still need to experience in person!) And even though I’m a shake your hand, give you a hug, laugh with you over cheesecake kind of girl, I’m excited to branch out into the blogging world, to be able to share images and brag on clients and keep everyone in the loop as to what is new with Treu Image (with maybe an occasional post or two about my own beautiful family)!

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Ernie Treu (yes, Ernie can be a girl’s name) and I’m a custom portrait photographer in Denver, CO. I love to do sessions for every stage a family goes through, from maternity and newborn to child and family, even seniors and weddings! My most recent endeavor is birth photography, documenting birth stories, from the labor and delivery to those first sweet moments after a family meets their new baby. It’s amazing!

I’m married to a really funny guy, Branden, who loves cartoons, working hard, and most of all, his family (he’s amazing really!) We have two little boys, Silas and Ethan. They are full of personality and have lots of energy! They are usually sweet but sometimes sour. I love Jesus, and am so so thankful that I get to be a wife and mom. Also, I love dessert and fishing and old furniture. One day I’m going to build myself a kitchen table (with a lot of Branden’s help of course :)

So here I am world wide web! I feel somehow sort of exposed, out here for everyone to see, but also like maybe I just joined some amazing club, a family of bloggers, people who are sharing and connecting and building relationships…all via the web. It’s kind of nice actually.
Well, to bring this post to a close, here are some of my favorite images. I hope to see you around!
My boys, a little over a year ago.  Silas is about a year and a half, Ethan is just two weeks old
The H Family, Dad, Mom, their sweet girl, and her best friend, the family dog, C
Engagement pictures with I & K, who are perfect for each other.  Congratulations!
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