The Reception

I hope you enjoyed the images from J and L’s wedding!  Now for part two: the reception…
One thing that I love about photographing weddings is that I get to capture all the little details that the couple spends so much time picking out, what will make their big day unique to them?  What little touches will they choose to help their guests celebrate not only their wedding, but really who they are as a couple?  It’s amazing to see how different weddings really are, from the bride’s dress and colors to the centerpieces and favors guests will take home.
J and L’s wedding was no exception.  The sweet vintage feel was carried throughout the day, from the jewelry L wore to the cupcakes that tiered each centerpiece.

These colorful candies were a hit with both kiddos and adults! 
The beautiful containers made this display even prettier.
As part of the reception, guests were given a chance to say a few words about the bride and groom.  Here they are reacting to comments from those who know them best.

I love a good first dance.  It seems like it’s the first moment after the “I do’s” when the couple gets a chance to talk to each other.  Everyone is still looking on, but they just get a minute to enjoy each other and say, “Look, we did it!  We’re married!”

As the night went on, of course there was cake, and a little cake smashing…just a little :)
The couple made their exit showered with bubbles and the cheers of those
who celebrated with them that day.

Yay, we’re married!

Congratulations again J & L!  Thanks for letting me be part of your day!

Every Now and Then

I love all types of portrait photography, capturing families in every stage of life.  From couples and babies to families and high school seniors, each session is different and everyone has a unique story.  Most of the time I get to photograph families, especially with young kiddos.  But every now and then, I have the honor of capturing a wedding.

This summer I had the priviledge of photographing one of the sweetest, most beautiful events I’d ever even attended.  L and I know each other through church.  She’s amazing and honestly one of the sweetest people I know.  On top of being gorgeous and having an amazing heart for the Lord, she’s also super talented!  You can check her out here

To start the day, I met the girls at a salon for hair and makeup. 

Here are the three flower girls all ready to go!  These young ladies were so well behaved the whole day, it was amazing!  They definitely took their roles seriously
L was collected and calm, all prettied up and ready for her big day

After a short drive to the church, it was time to get dressed.  I loved L’s dress, simple with beautiful detailing all coming together with some vintage flair.

When every detail was in place, it was off to the park for some pre-ceremony pictures.
It’s so cool to see a couple surrounded by those who have stood by them for so long 


Isn’t she gorgeous?  Loved her veil!
There’s so much excitement at a wedding, with all the planning and decisions about every detail.  You pick out the dress and the tuxes and the flowers and food.  There are centerpieces and music and people you invite to witness this huge milestone.  And when the time finally arrives, all you really care about is that one person, that other who is so significant, and the journey you get to travel…together.

They came as two and left as one.  Congratulations J and L! 
May you have many many years of happy togetherness!
Stay tuned, next post will be reception pictures!
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