Do you want to take better pictures?  Capture your everyday life with amazing images?  Or maybe you’d like to learn to shoot in manual mode?  Welcome to The Foto Finch Shop!  Here you’ll find photography lessons and tutorials to help you take your pictures from bland to breathtaking!

Treu Image offers a collection of 24 tutorials, covering everything from how to shoot in manual to rules of composition and basic photojournalism.  The lessons are written in a way that’s easy to understand (unlike those pesky camera manuals!) with lots of photo examples to help along the way.  There is also a set of reference cards included, ready to print and stash in your camera bag for easy access!

You can find a sample of our tutorials here

You can purchase the collection as either a pdf download or on a cd.  Cd copies are placed in our boutique packaging and ready to keep or gift to the photographer in your life!

The Foto Finch Collection ~ Download               $125

The Foto Finch Collection ~ CD               $135


Treu Image is also developing a photography curriculum for students ages 12-18.  This program also covers shooting in manual, composition, and capturing the story of your images, and is broken down into lessons that provide instruction and shooting assignments to help your young photographer develop both an understanding and a passion for the art of imagery!

The Foto Finch Photography Curriculum ~ Coming Soon!!



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