one week left!

one week left!

Well folks, I’ve got a week left before I stop doing sessions :)  I’m sure it will hit me later, but right now I’m feeling ready!  Ready for organization and a break, I’m ready to have my house in order and not stay up until 1am editing.  I’m ready to make stuff for the holidays – oh the holidays!!  My favorite!  I’ve even been thinking about what I’d like to do with a little extra time (not that there still isn’t lots going on around here!)

I am ready, but for right now, for today, I’m still really blessed to be doing something I love ~ capturing relationships, families being together, helping people freeze time :)

I’ve been wanting to share pics of this sweet family for a couple of weeks (and I know they’ve been waiting too :)  Mom, Dad, two beautiful girls, and even their pup – who posed like a champ!

Sisters :)

I always try to take some of just Mom and Dad together – I love how this one came out!

I can say this since I know this family personally – this young lady is beautiful inside and out!  I know she makes her parents so proud!

And this little girl?  Let’s just say that she lights up a room (and the entire wilderness area we shot at!)  Oh to be young and have this much spunk!

Thank you F family, for a wonderful session!  I’m so glad we got to do it before the end of the month!!

a thankful heart

a thankful heart

The other day someone asked me what I was most grateful for this year.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to be grateful for – A LOT! – but the answer for me was easy.  I am grateful this year, for a season of learning to truly depend on the Lord.  You know how you can get into a groove where you feel like everything’s good, everything’s under control.  You’ve planned things out, you feel like you’ve got it.  That’s just not where the Lord has us right now.

The year has been one of transition for us.  We moved last January (into a place we love :), we said “yes” to a new ministry opportunity in May (more on that later!) and Silas asked Jesus into his heart (AWESOME!!)  This summer we started homeschooling the boys and celebrated our ten year anniversary (what?!)!  The Lord has been blessing the photo biz and I think the year ahead will be different in some ways, but really good!  There has been a lot of transition with Branden’s job.  All of that on top of the normal – laundry and cleaning, lesson plans and craft projects, birthdays and holidays, there’s a lot going on!

There are some things we’re just praying about right now.  Not everything is sure and certain.  I feel like we’re in a place where we can’t just make plans and be secure in them.  And you know what?  I feel like we’re good.  This is where the Lord has us.  I think about our life right now, the day to day, our relationships and where we are.  I feel like the boys are literally growing up right before my eyes.  Maybe it’s because Ethan’s almost not a baby anymore and that makes me a little sad.  I feel like they are changing by the hour!  I just want to stay in today.  What do we need that we don’t have?  What could I even want that the Lord hasn’t given us?

You know how you feel right after a great meal? (where you didn’t eat too much!)  You enjoyed every bite and you’re full.  You’re not thinking about how you were hungry or about your next meal.  That’s how I feel, I’m thankful and content.  This is our life, never ending to do lists, uncertainties, and all, and I am content.  Thank you Lord!

A few weeks ago, my photog friend, Lisa, and I took pictures of each other’s families (why hadn’t we done this before?!).  I had a few ideas I definitely wanted to try!  We took each other’s pics and edited our own.  I LOVE THESE PICTURES!! (Thanks Lisa!)

This is us, right now ~ today.

I saw a series like this an knew I wanted to recreate it.  This is probably the last year that Ethan will look like a baby and I want to soak it up!  He’s such a funny kid; I can’t imagine us without him!

So this is us today.  I am so thankful for our life right now.  I don’t want to think too much about the future or even about the past.  I am truly content.

our boy is 4!

our boy is 4!

So this post has been a long time coming; Silas’ 4th birthday was in September :)  I took these images of him maybe a month and a half ago and wanted to share them with you!

Silas’ “on command” laugh looks pretty much like his real laugh :)  I’m grateful that he’s finally at the age where getting him to be happy in front of the camera isn’t so hard!  This is really him right now!

I thought I’d bring along a few of his favorite things.  I got these vintage suitcases a couple months ago off of craigslist.  I love me a good deal!!

This has been Silas’ favorite book for a while now.  It’s called “The Way Back Home” by Oliver Jeffers.  It’s a super cute story about how a boy and a martian help each other out after both being stranded on the moon.  Highly recommended by the Treu family :)

Other things pictured are a vintage looking airplane (what little boy doesn’t love airplanes?) and a wonky looking stuffed robot that I crocheted for him a couple of years ago.  He sleeps with Zoobie every night :)

Branden made this sword for Silas for his birthday.  (I know, I’m married to an amazing wood worker!)  He tells Silas that he is his knight, a protector and peacemaker – good training for becoming the kind of man we pray he grows up to be!

Of course Batman wasn’t far behind that day.  Had to get a picture of Ethan too.  He seriously wears this mask everywhere.

Happy (way late!) birthday little man.  We’re excited to see what this year will bring for you and our family!

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