30 / 52 – The Rockies

30 / 52 – The Rockies

When I was a kid, my parents would drive us up to the mountains every fall to see the aspen trees change colors.  Amongst thick blankets of dark evergreens that covered the mountainsides, there would be saturations of yellow, burnt orange and red.  We would drive the windy passes and point out pockets of flushed leaves, aspen groves that had given way to the changing temperatures, celebrating the new, cooler season.

The Rocky Mountains have served as a backdrop, a picture of “home” for most of my life.  When you live in Colorado, you learn that the mountains are in the west and all other directions are oriented from there.  Weather (for the most part) comes from over the mountains, so watching them gives you a pretty good idea of what’s coming.  The air there smells a certain way, like it’s crisp and untouched by the daily grind and pollution.  These are what the poet wrote about when she penned “purple mountain majesties.”

The other day, the boys and I were invited to join a few other moms and their kiddos on a hike.


Hiking has been one of our favorite pastimes since having kids.  The boys are explorers at heart, and a trail offers endless opportunities for imagination and adventure.  It’s also free (for the most part), involves no screen time, and qualifies as exercise (something we as a family need to be more intentional about).  Plus, there’s something special about walking with people, starting at one point, reaching a destination together, and making your way back to the beginning side by side.


We went up to St. Mary’s Glacier – not the easiest hike we’ve ever done, and a quick reminder that cardio and I need to be better acquainted!  The trail was short but rocky and uphill almost the entire way.  My hiking buddy was very encouraging :)

IMG_5638 IMG_5639

The reward at the top of the trail was a smallish, chilly lake – created by the runoff of St. Mary’s Glacier.  The sight of it was worth the climb for sure!  I’m still always impressed by the beautiful hidden places these mountains hold, waiting to be discovered, like gems planted by the Creator for us to find and enjoy!


Ethan needed a “chick-munk” picture :)  And I’m for sure gonna let him call them that for as long as possible!


Captain America shield, two sticks a sword and knife, and rolled up pants from playing in the lake.


And of course a turtle shell backpack :)


Oh hello Silas.  Thanks for slowing down so we could catch up with you!

IMG_5654 IMG_5656

The wind and weather does something to trees at the top of the tree line.  Thrive and survive in this beautiful altitude.


After we enjoyed a snack at the lake, we climbed a little higher to reach the actual glacier.  Here is the view from the top!  I’m honestly getting emotional writing about it :)  These mountains are both wild and familiar.  And always, always breathtaking.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetIMG_5672

Some of the troops on the way back down.  It’s fun to walk with littles, hearing their conversations between your own.  Playing is practicing real life!


One phone selfie near the windy peak!

Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

And a short video of Silas sledding down the glacier!

The splendor of the Emerald Isle awaits us, and my heart is already there, but I will miss these mountains very much.  I’m grateful for years of calling them home!

5 / 52 – Snow

5 / 52 – Snow

It snowed in Colorado this week.  Like for reals.  Like 17 inches in two days.

I love the snow actually.  From inside with my cup of tea :)  It’s beautiful though, and it makes me want to slow down and bake something warm and sweet, and then eat said sweets with my kiddos while cuddled up under a big blanket.


This week I met a pastor and got a chance to share with him what the Lord is doing in our family, about ministry and life and Ireland.  And he prayed with me about all that’s up ahead.  He was praying for provision and he said, “Lord, you know.  And you don’t send us out into the cold without a coat.”

I’m not sure why, but that really just blessed me so much.  God doesn’t always call us to be comfortable (I really don’t enjoy being cold!)  But He always goes before us and He always takes care of His own.  He’s a good Father and I’m comforted in the exciting, overwhelming, unknown seasons, because He can be trusted.


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