going to the chapel

going to the chapel

Tomorrow is a big day for my littlest sister – she’s getting married!!  Tonight we had her rehearsal and spent some time with family.  In the morning, we’ll make our way back to the church and watch her make some very big promises to a guy she loves :)  It’s crazy to think of her all grown up!  I think about marriage, about all that I’ve learned from it and how the Lord has used it (in both happy, easy ways and difficult, challenging ways) in my life.  I’m not sure anyone can ever enter into it and be fully prepared.  I think that’s probably how most of life is – we never really know what’s up ahead – such a sweet adventure!

I wanted to share some of their engagement pictures!  These are my favorites from our session together.  Congratulations Priscilla and Chris!  Can’t wait to celebrate with you tomorrow!

day 12 + a sneak peek

day 12 + a sneak peek

~  day 12  ~

I am thankful for photography :)  It’s been almost two weeks since I did my last session.  I can’t say that I’m really done working, since there are still sessions and pictures to edit, deliver, etc.  But I am done with the shooting side of the business for now :)  I’ve been capturing families and their kiddos, weddings, seniors, even doing school pictures for more than 8 years now (crazy!).  I know the Lord is changing our direction for the business, but I sure have loved getting to meet so many awesome people!

I think of photography as freezing time, being able to actually hold a piece of it in your hand!  We all want to share our stories right?  Photography is a way to not just share them, but relive and preserve your memories for generations to come!  Not a lot of things can do that :)

I wanted to share a few images from one of my last sessions with you!  This is the B family.  Daddy B is away serving our country right now.  I’m so glad we got to capture them all together before he left!  Thank you B family, for your service and sacrifice for our country.  And thank you for letting me be a part of this chapter in your lives.  I hope these images bless you!

one week left!

one week left!

Well folks, I’ve got a week left before I stop doing sessions :)  I’m sure it will hit me later, but right now I’m feeling ready!  Ready for organization and a break, I’m ready to have my house in order and not stay up until 1am editing.  I’m ready to make stuff for the holidays – oh the holidays!!  My favorite!  I’ve even been thinking about what I’d like to do with a little extra time (not that there still isn’t lots going on around here!)

I am ready, but for right now, for today, I’m still really blessed to be doing something I love ~ capturing relationships, families being together, helping people freeze time :)

I’ve been wanting to share pics of this sweet family for a couple of weeks (and I know they’ve been waiting too :)  Mom, Dad, two beautiful girls, and even their pup – who posed like a champ!

Sisters :)

I always try to take some of just Mom and Dad together – I love how this one came out!

I can say this since I know this family personally – this young lady is beautiful inside and out!  I know she makes her parents so proud!

And this little girl?  Let’s just say that she lights up a room (and the entire wilderness area we shot at!)  Oh to be young and have this much spunk!

Thank you F family, for a wonderful session!  I’m so glad we got to do it before the end of the month!!

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