capturing life

capturing life

What do I love most about photography?  This.  This is what I love.

I love brothers giving bear hugs in bare feet :)

Being happy and goofy and completely themselves.

I love  how so much life can be wrapped up in such a tiny precious package

I love instant adoration!

And documenting happiness

I love personality

And how family means you completely belong


I read somewhere that to have a child, is to forever decide to have your heart go walking around outside your body.

This is true

You rejoice and protect and love beyond what you know, all at once.

To literally hold life in your hands, to be given charge over it

To be completely consumed by such a small, significant thing

This is what I love about photography.

Capturing life

before they were five

before they were five

If you’ve been reading the blog for the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing some pictures from a trip our family took for our new ministry company, Wit & Folly Productions!  I’ll share more in the posts to come, but today, I have to interrupt our trip pictures for some maternity goodness!

Over the last year or so, I’ve gotten to photograph this sweet friend and her family.   A couple months ago, I got to do a maternity session with them – M, her hubby and their two little boys – before they had a family of five!

Their family has the greatest smiles!

This is M just a few short weeks before delivery.  I’m always amazed at what a mother’s body can do!  She is all baby!!

And one more silhouette – I love the shapes in this image :)

I’m so glad I got to document this time for them.  Next post will be of the newborn session we did just a few weeks ago – one of my favorite sessions to date!  See you then!

The B Family

The B Family

I got to photograph the B family for the first time last spring.  I love them, seriously!  Maybe it’s because their boys remind me of our boys – their personalities and how they interact with each other.   And Mom and Dad are pretty awesome too :)

This is M – shy and handsome

And J – super social and ridiculously cute

I love these happy faces!

I got to photograph them again a few weeks ago, maternity pics since Mama is carrying number 3 and ready to deliver any minute now!  I got to capture them at home, which was extra special :)  I’ll have to share that session next week!

On a different note, Wit & Folly is gearing up for a little mini tour next month!  We’ll be traveling through Texas and up to Mississippi – yay!  I’m thinking of offering some mini sessions while we’re in the Fort Worth area.  It would probably be on Monday, February 17th.  If you’re in the area and want more info, send me an email at  These will be my first set of minis in a long time!  I’m excited!

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