9 days in

9 days in

Happy New Year everyone!!  (I know, I’m late :/  The beginning of the year always feels strange to me, like you hit the ground running and you’re immediately behind!  There are a few things I want to do in 2013, not really resolutions, more like things I’d like to learn :)  I want learn how to play the guitar better (and by better I mean A LOT better!).  And I’d really love to learn how to make amazing videos, even if it’s just home videos – shooting, editing, creating :)

Of course there’s a whole list of things I just need to be better at like being organized and keeping my house clean.  There is a sense right now though, in our home, that the Lord is doing something new, something really exciting :)  I can’t say I know exactly what it is, but it seems like we’re standing at the start of something big!  Maybe we’ll look back a few months or even years from now and say, “That’s when it all started.”
The Lord has been getting us ready for a while, for whatever this is, this new adventure.  In the last month or so, I’ve realized this new peace in just trusting the Lord, realizing that there’s really nothing within my control and that that is actually a good thing!
I think for so long I just held on tight to the belief that the Lord had good stored up for us, and now, even though our situation from the outside might still seem difficult, I realize that it’s really true!  We’re in a place where we’ve needed the Lord to come through and He truly has!  I’m excited to see what He has in store!  What a blessing to rest in Jesus :)
“He who did not spare His own Son, but gave him up for us all – how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?”
-Romans 8:32
Haven’t used the big camera much since all the weddings, but here are a few phone pics from the week – enjoy!
I made my first pot roast, turned out pretty good actually :)
Game night at the Treu house – this is my Battleship partner :)
We visited Hammond’s Candy Factory and took the tour
We got to spend a delightful evening with my awesome cousin and his amazing wife :)  Seriously, such a sweet time!  This is Katie and I taking pictures of each other – I caught her flash!
We started back with school this week.  After a month long break, it is going surprisingly well!
Robots go EVERYWHERE with us!
School journal time – the boys make an entry almost every school day, so fun!
The big boy doing flashcards – I’m so proud of him, such a good little reader!
We did a real puzzle with Ethan today and he loved it!  He did it four times in a row!
workshop seat giveaway!

workshop seat giveaway!

i’m so excited about the foto finch workshops this summer!  i love people and being with people and teaching and hanging out and eating!  so basically, i’m looking forward to everything about the workshops :)

with mothers and fathers day just around the corner, i thought it would be really fun to do a giveaway for two workshop spots (winner’s choice for which date they’d like to attend :)  my heart for these workshops is to help moms and dads (and gmas and uncles and everyone else!) out there who really want to take better pictures of their families.  with the way digital photography is these days, a lot of people have nicer cameras but aren’t sure how to really use them.  if you’ve ever read a camera manual, it’s seriously like trying to learn another language!  i hope the foto finch workshops give you the know how to be the photographer you really want to be!

so here’s the deal:

  1. you can’t enter yourself.  instead, think of a deserving individual who you think would benefit from this training!  (and if you really want to win a spot, get someone to enter your name!)
  2. once you’ve got a name in mind, leave a comment at the bottom of this post giving their name and why you think they deserve to win a spot in one of the workshops!   make sure to leave their email (so i can contact them when they win!)  also, leave your name and email so i can contact you as well.
  3. for another chance to win, go to treu image photography’s facebook page and “like” us.  you should know that we like you too :)  come back here and leave a comment saying you did so
  4. for a third entry, post about the giveaway on your facebook page!  you might say something like, “i’m entering my sister, jane doe, to win a spot in a foto finch workshop with @treu image photography!”  make sure to use the @ symbol to tag correctly so i can check :)  come back here and leave a comment saying you did so.
the contest will run until midnight on thursday, may 10th.  two winners will be chosen using random.org and announced the following day!  okay, that’s it folks!  best of luck to you and your mom, uncle or bestie; i hope you win!
and just because i don’t like doing a post without pics, please enjoy some instagrams with the boys and my sister’s new ridiculously cute kitten :)
*giveaway must include at least 10 unique entries to be valid


“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” – John 3:16-17

i hope you know how much you’re loved!  without limits or conditions or wavering, Jesus loves you.  you’re the apple of His eye and he likes you – a lot!  i hope you know it :)

i wanted to share some pics from our weekend.  easter is an amazing holiday anyways, but i will say it’s even better when you have little ones :)  there’s hunting for eggs and special outfits, but even more, all the opportunities to teach them about the Lord and what his great love compelled him to do for us!

on saturday we went to the biggest most popular egg hunt ever.  no, i’m serious.  this was half of the crowd.

i couldn’t take any pictures during the actual hunt because i was afraid the boys were going to get run over, but here are a few pics of us opening eggs afterwards :)

we got to go to easter service at our church on saturday night.  i have to say that i am so so thankful for our church – the people are real, they teach the Word, and they love people.  sometimes simple really is better :)

on sunday, we got to serve at our church’s satellite campus in denver (more to come on that later!)  i thought i’d take a couple pics of the boys all fancy in their easter duds. they’re pretty darn adorable if i do say so myself :)

after church we went home for our mandatory sunday afternoon nap, then off to my parents for dinner!  it’s rare for us all (us, my parents, and my two sisters) to get together, so i’m thankful for the opportunities we have to sit down to a meal all together!

i hope your easter was great!  and if you ever doubt it, know that God loves you more than you can imagine!  He gave everything so you would know it!

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