ten-ish on ten – february

ten-ish on ten – february

Hello there!  It’s the 10th, so I actually have a post for you today – the Ten on Ten!  Well, it’s a few more than 10 images, so we’ll say the Ten-ish on Ten :)  Not a whole lot of excitement, just a day in the life around here.  But it has been good to challenge myself, to find things to celebrate in the everyday.  So, here you go!

Boots I’d been wanting and Branden bought me for Christmas!

We took school outside that day.  It’s been unseasonably warm around here and we are enjoying the sunshine!   Another great thing about homeschooling – you’re mobile!

If you didn’t know, Branden is a phenomenal teacher!  And the boys have not so subtly made mention that he is also a lot more entertaining than me.  Whatever boys.  Forget about that whole growing you in my actual body thing.  It’s cool.

Play time after schoolwork

Oh, and my sister came to hang out!  Love the time we get to spend with her :)

Branden had a meeting that night, so the boys and I met up with my parents for dinner.  Love hanging out with them too!  And they know their asian food, which makes us happy :)

Oh Ethan…

Well, that’s about it!  Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll see you guys on March 10th, or before!  You never know :)

ten on ten – january

ten on ten – january

Happy New Year friends!  This year I am purposing to be more intentional about a handful of things, including documenting/photographing our day to day life.  I can’t commit to a 365 project (taking a picture every day of the year), but I saw this idea on another photographer’s blog, and thought I might give it a try – ten images on the tenth of every month!

The images in the post will all be taken from the same day, sort of a “day in the life” idea.  These images are from yesterday (January 9th).  Nothing exciting, truly a normal day at home for us.  It’s funny though, as I tried to be mindful of things to photograph, I realized there were actually some really cool things that happened on our normal day!


Ethan copied his first real thing – ever!  School is back in full swing, and Ethan (though not always enthusiastic :) is becoming a pretty awesome little student!  Handwriting is probably his least favorite, but yesterday he copied our week’s memory verse all by himself!

He’s also started reading, and could not be more excited about it!  It’s really cool to watch him – challenging himself, reading, and being so proud of his new skill :)

Speaking of readers, this second grader has crossed over from reading because he has to, slow and laborious, to really enjoying books!  Yesterday he finished his first chapter book all by himself :)

A verse that came across my Facebook feed, lines up with a few other things the Lord has been speaking to encourage me :)

Post nap time Lego play.  There’s sort of this ongoing pretending that’s happening at our house.  Toys get put down mid-story and picked up later like there was no interruption.  New story lines come and go, imaginations always running :)

The hubs made dinner – yum!

Scary moment during a dinner time movie!

And, I still have my Christmas tree up.  Don’t judge me!  There are actually a couple good reasons.  One, I love it :)  And two, the Christmas tree box got ruined in a minor crawlspace flood – boo :(  So, until I get a new box this gigantic tree will fit in, it’s up … and pretty!

Well, a few more than ten (I think that’ll be my challenge ha!) but I’m pretty happy about actually taking my camera out and capturing our everyday life!

family pictures & some end of the year thoughts

family pictures & some end of the year thoughts

I’ve been thinking about what I want to say in this last post of the year.  Feels like it should be really profound, right?  Some words of wisdom to usher in the new year :)

Honestly, I always feel kind of bittersweet at the end of the year, looking back, looking ahead.  I do have a couple things I want to do better at in 2015 (like being more intentional with relationships, growing as a photographer, eating and exercising better, you know).  But I think, for me, I need simplicity.  How do I make sure to succeed next year?  What does that even look like?

Something I feel like the Lord is trying to teach me, is that it’s really just about walking with Him.  I’ve been thinking about those three words lately.  Here’s where I’m at –

Walking.  Seems so simple right?  One foot in front of the other?  But I think there’s more.  Walking means movement.  It’s progress; it’s continuous.  It’s not rushed, but it’s not stagnant.

With.  What does it mean to really be with someone?  Fellowship.  Relationship.  Experiences.  It means I don’t fall behind, don’t get ahead.  I want to keep in step and enjoy the company!

Jesus.  I desperately need Him.  I want to need Him more.  I am grateful for 2014; the Lord took me deeper in my relationship with Him than I’ve ever gone.  It’s funny that the things that push us into communion with God are often difficult, things that, from the outside, we would not choose for ourselves.  But somehow, I can only be thankful.  I wouldn’t trade it.  I want more in 2015.  I want what I don’t even know about.  All I know is that I want everything Jesus has for us!

So those are my wise words for the upcoming year, and my only real, must do goal – walk with Jesus!  Really it’s an every single day goal!  And if it’s the only thing that I do better next year, I’ll feel pretty good :)


A few weeks ago, a sweet friend of mine, who also happens to be an amazing photographer, took some pictures of our family (thanks Lisa!)  We actually traded sessions, which meant that I got to take a few of her beautiful crew too!

She did an amazing job, and I am so happy with how these images turned out!  Some of the ones below I took, some she took.  That’s the awesome thing about having a friend photograph your family.  Your kiddos are comfortable enough to be themselves, and the photog doesn’t mind if you whip out your own camera!

Anyways, I wanted to share them with you.  I thought it would be a nice way to finish off the year :)  Looking at these I realize, I have so very much to be thankful for!

Well everyone, happy new year!  I pray our days are marked with a ridiculous, reckless kind of love for Jesus and a faithfulness to keep in step with Him.  See you in 2015!

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