Boys On Mission – May 2017

Boys On Mission – May 2017

Hey Friends!  This is me, Ethan, doing a Boys On Mission episode from Ireland!  The place that we’re showing you this time are the cliffs in a town called Ballycotton.  Watch the video below!

Ballycotton is one of my favorite places here in Ireland.  I like climbing the cliffs when we go there.  Below is a picture of us going down the stairs to the cliffs.  It has really rusty poles and is really steep, but I still like to go there!

When we go there and the tide is out, we like to climb on the rocks and cliffs.  There are also tide pools in lots of places in the rocks.  I found a baby crab in one of them!  There is also shrimp living in them!

IMG_7862 - web

This is a picture of my Dad.  He likes climbing too.  He’s on one of the rocks almost in the ocean!

The tide started to rise when we were there.  This is a picture of my mom’s feet standing at the edge of one of the cliffs.  I really like the color of the water there.  It looks like aqua blue or green and it’s also clear.


Bye Everyone!  This was fun writing you guys a message for Boys On Mission!  Thank you for listening to me and watching the video!

  • The cliff climber, Ethan
Boys On Mission – February 2017

Boys On Mission – February 2017

Hi Everybody!  This is Silas and I wanted to show you this awesome video of us at Blarney Castle.  This is me kissing the Blarney Stone!  It’s at the very top of the castle, attached to the wall.  People say that kissing it gives you the gift of gab, whatever that is.  Mom says it means that I can talk my way out of anything, which she says is true.

It was hard to kiss the stone because it’s actually at the bottom of the wall and there was a big gap between that part of the wall and the floor.  I had to lay on my back and hold two bars and bend backwards!  My mom’s friend, Ms. Michelle held my feet so I wouldn’t fall.  There’s also a guy that’s there to hold people so they don’t fall.  The bars you see in the space have not always been there, so some people might have fallen trying to kiss the stone!  Dun, dun, DUN!!!  Okay, here’s the video:

Mom wants me to tell you a little more about the castle.  It was built in the year 1446 and it’s actually owned by a single person who lives in a mansion on the property!  Can you imagine living beside a castle or even owning one?  When you visit the castle today, you can see some cool things.  There is a murder hole where the defenders would dump tar on invaders trying to come in.  There is also a poison garden, where all the plants are poisonous.  If you touch anything, you’ll probably die right then and there!  But you can still look at the plants.

These are pictures my mom took from the top of the castle.  This is part of the wall.

When we visited a couple weeks ago, we walked around outside in the gardens.  This is our selfie with Blarney Castle in the background.  I think I was talking when Ethan pressed the button.  LOL (Dad taught me what that meant last night!)

Visiting Blarney Castle was totally awesome!  You guys can come visit it too, and when you do, you can come see us!