senior season

senior season

hello sweet people :)  enjoying your monday?  it’s june – the beginning of summer – yay!!  i’ve always loved summer, probably because it’s warm :)  growing up, the summer months meant no school, sleeping in, the freedom to do what you wanted with your days and stay up late at night!  wow, those days are a thing of the past (though i still stay up late!)  the summer for me also means senior season!  most high school seniors get their senior pics done the summer before that last year, so this is the time!

j is a senior i got to photograph last season.  recently i got to edit a few more of her images and thought i’d share them with you!

j wanted an urban setting for her pics – building and streets and colorful walls!

if you happen to know any seniors that need pictures this summer, please send them my way!  i’d love to help capture this time in their life – the closing of their high school days and the beginning of endless possibilities!


I love sessions like tonight…

Tonight I got to do a session with M, a sweet sweet girl and amazing young lady!  I love shoots like we had tonight, totally laid back, 
easy conversation, and just having a good time creating some fun images :)
M needs a few head shots for a new venture, she’s getting into commercials and acting!!  
And she totally rocked the camera tonight, so watch out Hollywood!
I love discovering new and exciting things around every corner of a location :)
I love it when someone is totally willing to do what I ask them (I think some people 
call that being manipulative?)  Even a pile of broken concrete is cool when a pretty girl sits on it!
Seriously, look at those eyes!
Great job tonight M, can’t wait to see you on the big screen!!

Senior Pictures!

This year Treu Image Photography is doing something a little different and I’m really excited!  We have a senior model program!  This is where a handful of kids that will graduate in 2012 take their pics a little early (February or March instead of over the summer) and get the ball rolling by distributing info about the studio to others in their graduating class.  This year’s models were all fantastic!  Want to meet them?
First is Alison Scalzo; she totally rocked her session!  Along with finishing up her junior year, Alison is busy with tons of other activities like theater and choir and modeling.  That’s right, modeling, so really I just came along for the ride as she showed me how it was done!

Next is Micah, amazing ball player and a picture of 
a solid young man (not enough of those around :).  
Micah’s session was a bit of an adventure as we discovered a sweet location with vintage cars!  Sometimes I have no idea what amazing things we’ll run into on a session!

For Monica’s session, we ventured downtown to a new urban location that turned out to be fantastic!!  She was ready to go with layers to change up her look and did awesome (despite the very cold wind!)  You can’t even tell she’s freezing ;)

Our last model is Jessica; she had a great smile and needed very little direction (I LOVE when that happens!!)  We used two locations for her session, one outdoor and the other indoor.  She did amazing!

If you know a high schooler graduating in 2012, please pass along Treu Image Photography’s studio information!  I’d love to help capture this amazing part of their journey!                   303.358.9952

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