destination wedding – las vegas

destination wedding – las vegas

a couple of months ago i got to photograph my cousin’s wedding in las vegas, nevada!  it was a blessing to be able to go and be part of their big day!  here are a few of my favorite shots :)

here’s my cousin, art, coming down the aisle after kissing his bride.  i love how happy he is here!

one thing about vegas, the streets are always packed!  i learned this shot from the amazing tyler freear.  isn’t it cool?!  gotta do this again, if i can find a crowd!

here are a few of my own :)  this is at the paris hotel where the happy couple was staying.  even the elevator hall is pretty!

i don’t usually do silhouettes, but sometimes it just seems right.

this is a shot that they had seen and wanted to recreate.  isn’t it fun?  turned out pretty cute i think!  seriously, my cousin has the best happy face :)

this is my favorite shot from the reception.  confetti + tunnel of love = fantastic!

congratulation art and sheryl!  thanks for letting me be a part of your big day!!

check out their site for more pics and details on this sweet couple!

tyler + tami

tyler + tami

hello friendly friends, i got to photography this fantastic wedding a few months ago and wanted to share some images with you!  i met tyler and tami through another photog friend.  i loved their style; every detail of their day was modern yet classy!

they stayed at the hotel monaco in downtown, denver which is also where the ladies got ready.  this place was amazing!  modern color with a funky victorian style – love it!!

tami’s dress was gorgeous!

tami’s sister patiently used a crochet hook to close each button on the back of her gown.  that’s what sisters are for!

black cocktail shoes with your beautiful gown?  um…yes please!

here’s the mister, handsome and ready for his bride

the couple took their vows at the walker fine art gallery.  what a fantastic venue!

after the ceremony, we headed to washington park for some family and wedding party pictures.  i love capturing that wedded bliss!

making the grand entrance to their reception!

tyler’s best man gave one of the best speeches i have ever heard!  he was hilarious and had the whole place roaring!

tami’s sister had the task of following up his act, but she did a great job too!

cutting the cake with beautiful art as your backdrop

their first dance

then lots and lots of dancing!

congratulations tyler and tami!  thanks for letting me be part of your big day!


The Start of Something Amazing

A few months ago, I got to have lunch with a very sweet couple and talk about wedding photography.  
I could see, even from that first meeting, that the Lord had put J and L together.  
Earlier this month I had the privilege of capturing their big day!
I love how this picture of J and his groomsmen came out!  It’s always fun to try something new, 
even if it means that you tell five guys in tuxes to climb up into a massive window sill :)
J served at my church for quite some time, pouring into the lives of others.  
Now J and L have moved to sunny California to begin the new chapter of their lives together.  It’s the start of something amazing!

After all the “getting ready” pictures, guests began to arrive, serenaded by live music.  
Soon those who would stand by them on this special day made their way down the aisle followed by a beautiful bride.  
This is L’s expression as she stood waiting for her groom to take her hand.

And this was J’s; not many things sweeter than a man who gets teary eyed at the sight of his bride :)

After the ceremony, a limo took us to a different location for some “I just got married!!”  pics.

L and her girls :)

L’s sister made all the flower arrangements, amazing right?

There are so many more great images from this day, way too many to post!  
But this is one of my favorites, totally shows how excited they are to be husband and wife!
Congratulations J and L!!  May the Lord continue to grow you both closer to Himself and to each other as you seek Him!

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