the last of it

the last of it

Well folks, here’s the last of our Texas/Mississippi trip pics :)  From Dallas/Fort Worth, we made our way to the city of Brandon, MS.  Branden seemed right at home :)

Babies in hotel beds.  I pray that they remember all the adventures our family takes with Wit & Folly, that trips are a positive and not a negative.  I will say, they love hotels because I may or may not have told them that hotel beds were specially engineered for jumping on (unlike the beds at home).  Also, you can run around in your pajamas and socks and have hotel breakfast and swim in the pool!  What’s not to love?

Branden taught at a creative ministry conference and he and I got to do a couple of things for the attendees.  We got some video, which I will share if I ever figure out how to edit/put it together!

After three days in Mississippi, we made our way back to the Lone Star State.  On the way, we stopped in the town of Vicksburg, MS.  If you’ve never been, I recommend it!  Vicksburg is a historical site for the Civil War, which means it has tons of beautiful, old buildings and sites where you can see artifacts from the war.  And it has a really cool playground.  After a four and six year old have been on the road for two weeks, being quiet at conferences and shuffled from one event to another, an hour at a park was like telling them, “Hey, it’s actually about you for a second.  Go wild!”

This kid and his serious face.  It’s actually his, “Can I go play now or are you still taking pictures?” face.

And right next to the park was a couple of old trains and a museum.  Vicksburg is pretty much a photographer’s dream town :)

Me and this stud

And of course a couple of touristy pics with a giant cannon!

Okay, so then we got back to Texas where got to stay with some awesome friends for a couple nights.  You should know that when we left Colorado, I was getting over bronchitis.  My symptoms had pretty much cleared up, except for a CRAZY cough which I couldn’t seem to kick.

At one point during the trip, my side started hurting BAD and I thought maybe I had pneumonia (not awesome) but after a few days, the pain started to subside.  But then…after we got back from Mississippi, I was coughing and felt a “pop” in my side = I couldn’t breathe without crying!  I have a pretty low tolerance for pain, so that probably didn’t help, but IT HURT!

We ended up going to the emergency room :(  This is the picture our nurse (who happened to have a degree in photography!) took

After a chest X-ray, the doctor thinks I had cracked a rib. Just a little :/  Nothing some time and pain meds couldn’t take care of.

After stopping by the pharmacy, we went by the grocery store and picked up an ice cream cake.  We were celebrating Branden’s 35th birthday!  Yeah, that was a weird day.

I love this picture – celebrating the hubster with good friends!  And the only candle in the house was the number 16 :)

From there, we drove a few hours north and stayed a second time with the R family, our awesome friends we got to spend time with at the beginning of our trip.  Here’s their youngest – such a sweet baby!  Doing his part with the laundry as you can see :)

And just for good measure, we celebrated Branden’s birthday again, with his favorite meal and dessert and also a trip to Chuck E Cheese, because well, that’s just the kind of guy he is and the kids loved it :)

Here’s Branden blowing out the candles on a homemade apple pie.

So, that was our first Wit & Folly trip!  It was awesome and we are super blessed!  Excited to see where the Lord takes us next!

a little more texas

a little more texas

A few more memories from our trip :)  Here are some pics from our last few days in Texas, before we headed to Mississippi for a conference.

The guy on the left is a really great friend of ours.  When Branden and I first went down to Texas to do children’s ministry, he was a high schooler who served with us – the best worker ever!  Now he rides a motorcycle, has a career and is a grown person.  It was crazy to go back and see how much everyone had grown up!  And by crazy, I mean it made me feel like an old person.

His sweet family that we LOVE!

(notice that Ethan is taking yet another awesome picture!)

Sweet babies sleeping in a hotel bed :)

Then we visited the Fort Worth Stock Yards!  I wish I had been a cooler mom and did some research to make our visit a little more educational, but alas, I did not.  We just wanted to see the sights :)

The minute we got there, this kid poses himself in a corner and says, “Mom, take a picture of me!”  Proof!  Proof that he can actually look directly at a camera and have a normal, even a sweet expression on his face!  What is going on the other 99% of the time I pull out my camera?!?  Whatever, I’ll take what I can get I guess!

I had to have Silas take a picture by this chalkboard.  This is how we feel about bacon :)

Branden wanted to get them rubber band guns.  Which of course meant tiny rubber bands being shot and scattered EVERY.WHERE.WE.WENT.  Ah, life with boys!

I’ve realized I do this thing.  I take pictures of my feet.  Not like a weirdo.  Like, pictures of interesting places we travel.  Like documenting where we walk.  I don’t know, maybe that’s weird :/  But John Wayne!  That’s pretty cool, right?  Suddenly I’m thinking in a John Wayne accent :)

Ah, and because I take my camera EVERYWHERE, here’s me posing with a giant cow portrait in the ladies room!

And of course, more school in the hotel room.  Couldn’t be more happy about being a home schooler, for reals :)

Alright friends, I think I might be able to wrap up our trip next time (or the time after that for sure!)  Thanks for reading/following along/coming back to this blog :)  See you next time!

one big happy

one big happy

I’m sorry for the lack of posting friends.  We got back from our big Texas/Mississippi trip a couple of weeks ago and have had some cool/important things going on.  Also just trying to get back into the groove.

I do have lots more to share about our trip :)  Thanks to everyone who was praying for us!  We really are so incredibly blessed.

Last post was about the drive into the Lone Star State and getting to stay with our awesome friends in Iowa Park, TX.  The next stop on our three week tour was with an amazing family near Weatherford, TX.  These people know how to do family right!  Back in the day when Branden first graduated from high school, he moved from Denver to Kansas City and interned under this sweet couple doing children’s ministry.  That’s basically where it all started!  Now, 17 years later, they are still pouring into our lives and ministry – such a great blessing!

I really do mean it when I say that these folks know about family.  I’d actually thought for quite some time about what it might be like to stay in their home for a few days and just glean from their parenting/family raising wisdom.  So you can imagine how awesome it was when they opened their home to us during part of our trip!

Here are J & F, truly amazing people:

And here is their beautiful (and I mean that in EVERY way, seriously a good looking, big hearted lot of individuals!) family – all twelve of them!

Their oldest is 24, their youngest is 3 :)

Our time with them was full of conversations about life and ministry, homeschooling around the kitchen table, and lots of playtime in and around their big, blue house.  And mealtimes were a lot of fun too :)

This is J and Branden, getting things done and talking about life.  Branden is so blessed by their relationship and so am I.  Part of what they helped us with was printing shirts on their t-shirt press!  Here, they’re making the screens before getting to the printing.

We stayed in their awesome camper during our time there :)

They also have some animals – chickens, ducks, bunnies and these sweet Havanese dogs that they breed!  The boys definitely enjoyed our time there.

Here  are half of their kids and all of ours!

Our boys especially loved hanging out with this guy – E is five years old, fitting perfectly between our 4 and 6 year olds.  They were inseparable!  One (of many) things that I’m excited about with this ministry, is that our kids will remember traveling and meeting people of all ages and backgrounds, and that they’ll build friendships with kids all over the country!

Thank you B family – for all your hospitality and for just continuing to be a blessing and example to us in family and ministry!

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