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The Foto Finch is the teaching branch of Treu Image Photography.  We currently have two courses, each written with middle and high school aged students in mind.  These independent studies are packed with information and tons of photo examples!  They’re ideal for budding photographers who want to really dive in and learn their craft!   Courses are offered in convenient pdf format and available by both immediate digital download or on cd.

Shooting In Manual

Shooting In Manual teaches students all the ins and outs of how to use a camera in manual mode.  From ISO to aperture, shutter speed and focus points, this course covers it all!  With eleven photography lessons and 30 shooting assignments, students will gain the know-how and confidence to get behind the camera and start creating the beautiful images they really want to!

Use the links below to see samples of the Shooting In Manual course:

Shooting In Manual – Course Syllabus

Shooting In Manual – Lesson Sample

Shooting In Manual – Assignment Sample

Composition & Photojournalism

Composition & Photojournalism shows students what makes an image visually interesting, as well as how to capture the story of their pictures instead of just pointing and clicking!  With sixteen photography lessons and 30 shooting assignments, this course helps young photographers navigate through the concepts that will make their photographs come to life!

Use the links below to see samples of the Composition & Photojournalism course:

Composition & Photojournalism – Course Syllabus

Composition & Photojournalism – Lesson Sample

Composition & Photojournalism – Assignment Sample

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