God’s Word To Me

The God’s Word To Me devotional series will help you see that the Bible was written for you!  These studies were created for all ages and for discipleship in family and small group settings, but they can also be used for personal study.  Each of the 60 entries will take you step by step through a passage of Scripture.  Using an inductive method, you’ll learn to pull the meaning directly from the text.  Entries can take as little as 15 minutes (helpful when you’ve got younger ones!), but you can also stick around and dive deeper into the Word.  And optional discussion keys mean that you won’t have to prep anything beforehand!

So, whether you’re new to the Bible or you’ve been reading it for decades, get ready! These devotional guides will help you dig into God’s Word in a way that’s real, personal, and truly accessible!

Use the links below to purchase the God’s Word To Me studies and journals.  You’ll need one journal per person doing the study.

* If you are living in Ireland, you can purchase studies and journals more locally at www.teachsolas.com. Teach Solas is an Irish Christian bookstore based in Cork.

God’s Word To Me – The Gospel of Mark
60 Inductive Studies for Families, Small Groups, and Individuals
Personal Journal (Teal)
Personal Journal (Blue)


Alternatively, you can use store bought journals or print and cut copies of the journaling page made for these studies using the link below.  You’ll need one page per person, per 2 devotional entries.

God’s Word To Me – Journaling Page