Ireland has a history full of spiritual revival and deep Christian roots.  It also has stories of great pain brought on in the name of religion. More recently, the Catholic Church and it’s leadership have been surrounded by scandal.  There have been huge swings towards a more liberal Ireland, and the historically Christian nation is following the rest of Europe into an atheistic worldview.  Today, with less than 1% of the country identifying as Evangelical Christians, the Irish are considered an unreached people group.

But the Lord is doing incredible things!

Those who call themselves Christians are in a huge minority; they are often misunderstood and quickly associated with the difficulties of the past.  Still, in this small, Irish Church, God is doing a real and mighty work – the Word of God is going forth, and the Holy Spirit is drawing people to Himself!  Though many young people are turning away from their Christian heritage, there is a great hunger for truth and authenticity in faith.

In such a time as this, the Lord has called the Treus to participate in His Kingdom work.  Branden and Ernie, along with their two boys, partner in ministry with local churches in the city of Cork, in the southern part of the country. Their own nonprofit, Treuimage, is dedicated to sharing the Gospel with children and young people in Ireland, some of whom are second or even first generation Christians.  The Treus have a burden to equip families in growing in the Word of God and in worshipping together. You can watch the ministry highlight videos below to get an idea of what ministry in Ireland looks like.

You can also Click Here to see what events and activities we’re working on right now and how you can be a part of the ministry in Ireland!