God’s Story

THE BEGINNING – God was at the start of everything. And in His infinite wisdom and love, He created all things for His glory and pleasure – even you! All of creation declares His glory, shouting that God is God and there is none beside Him. He made us with fellowship in mind. He wants to be with us! This is His story and it is driven by one thing – love. The Bible says that,

“God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son.”

See there’s another part to this story, the antagonist, the root of all difficulty and heartache in the world – our sin. And amongst sin’s consequences, the most treacherous of all, is that it seperates us, it breaks our fellowship with God. But God would not stand for it.

GOD THE RESCUER – It was impossible. God, the Holy, with this incredible, relentless love. And us, His beloved, taken away by sin. We would be plagued by its effects, perhaps unaware of its roots, but in desperate need of the only thing that would make us whole again – reconciliation with our Creator . And so God, equally desperate, would become the first missionary. The price was one only He could pay, so with all He was, He came and gave Himself to ransom us. His holy, perfect life for ours. The exchange was far from equal, but somehow it was worth it to Him.

And so He calls us, broken and clinging to that which causes our heartache. There the voice fo the of the Maker bekons us to life, true life. And we who answer that call find that the light which reveals all we’ve been hiding in the dark, leads us to freedom. Here we stand, with no merit of our own, awake and alive in His grace. God, having lost us, would find us, in death rescue us, and in raising again, bring us back to Himself!

THE MISSION – In salvation, we become messengers! Not because of a formal commission, but because, as those who have been raised from death to life, there is no other choice but to live, and to tell of the Life Giver! The song of the redeemed is not taught, but born. How can we, having drank from living water, not tell of its Source to those who still lie desperate and dying? We, the told, become the tellers. God is still rescuing, and we are called to be the ambassadors for His great mission!

“All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ

and gave us the ministry of reconciliation….” – 2 Corinthians 5:18


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