Stories from the Field

Saying “Yes!” to Jesus will take you to places you never thought you’d go!  For the first disciples, His call to “Follow Me” took them from their fishing nets to seeing Him heal the sick, raise the dead, teach the masses about the mysteries of God’s Kingdom, and go up against corrupt leadership.  It also led them to the brutality of the cross, the victory of the resurrection, and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to turn the world upside down for their Saviour!

Jesus’ call is the same today – “Follow Me.”  Not a set of rules or ideologies or a group – but Him, in a real and personal relationship. Taking hold of Christ means loosening our grip on everything else, but what’s waiting on the other side is more than worth it!  God asks for all we are, and gives us all of Himself in return!  The stories we gain are ours, Ebenezer stones to remind us of His faithfulness and inspire faith and praise!

These stories are some of ours…


Treus in the Emerald Isle

Project 52

14 / 52 – Basement Dwellers

15 / 52 – Puppets & Pie

32 / 52 – Though It Linger

37 / 52 – Home

38 / 52 – Stand

39 / 52 – Hope

41 / 52 – Six days in

49 / 52 – The First Sunday

Boys On Mission – January 2017

Boys On Mission – February 2017


Boys On Mission – May 2017

One Year!

Update Part 1: Happy Tuesday!

Part 3: A New House

Part 2: Wednesday

Protected: Part 4: Shawn

Part 5: These Boys

You Should Go

It’s Okay


God Is Spoiling Us


Philippines Pictures – Part 1

Philippines Pictures – Part 2