Ministry In Ireland

Want to know what we’re working on right now? You’ve come to the right place! Below are some of the events, activities, and projects Treuimage is either organizing or collaborating on. If you’d like to give towards these initiatives, please use the Donation button below. Thank you for all of your prayer and support, and for being a part of what the Lord is doing here in Ireland!



Held several times throughout the year, these events are organized through Treuimage and done in collaboration with leaders from youth groups throughout Cork and the surrounding areas.  Youth Days are geared towards secondary school students and provide hours of games, fellowship, food, worship, and the Word.  In a place where being a Christian puts you in a huge minority, these events give teens a safe, fun place to enjoy time together and grow in their faith.  These one day happenings also serve as an outreach to students in the community, inviting them in to a time that’s made with them in mind.  The games can get crazy, food and snacks in abundance, and the discipleship is accessible!



Hebrews 10:24-25 tells us to stir one another up towards love and good deeds, to meet together, doing so with the understanding that the Day of Christ’s return is soon.  STIR is an initiative which aims to support and encourage those doing kids and youth ministry locally.  It also works to collaborate together for events (like Youth Days!) and activities which serve children and teens in Cork and beyond.  Leaders participating in STIR get together for a meal, encouragement in the Word, and to share needs and prayer requests for the individual ministries they serve in.  There are opportunities to offer practical support, to pray, and to work together to serve the community.  Relationships are built between churches and leaders, and the greater Church is served.



Biblical Parenting Today is a one day workshop for parents, sharing what Scripture teaches us about how to raise our children in the Lord.  Over the course of five sessions, the workshop covers a variety of topics, including the Biblical role we’ve been given as parents, core values we need to instill in our kids, and teaching life skills in practical ways. We’ll also talk about things like God’s heart about discipline, how to handle issues like internet use and technology, and much more.  Parents will enjoy a time of fellowship and have a chance to ask questions and dialogue with others doing this same fundamental parenting work.  Resources are shared and offered onsite by Teach Solas, a Christian bookstore here in Cork.  We hope to make this a time of encouragement and equipping for those raising children in today’s world.



The Bible teaches us that discipleship is for families, that it happens primarily in the home with one generation actively sharing with the next.  It also tells us that generations within the church need each other and that our individual walks with the Lord are meant to intertwine like vines that grow in strength together.  The events and activities organized for the Family Ministry endeavor to support both parents raising children in the Lord and also intergenerational worship and discipleship within the whole Church.  It provides the different parts of the Church Family (young and old, and every season in between) opportunities to connect, serve each other, and grow in relationship unto the Lord.



Made specifically for families and small groups, this up and coming study series goes through one book of the Bible at a time and teaches the Inductive Bible Study method.  With the keys of observation, interpretation, and application, you’ll learn how to understand the Bible in a way that is real and accessible!  You don’t have to be a Bible scholar or great at teaching, because these open and go, 60 entry studies walk you through each passage in a step by step way, with complete discussion keys throughout.  Every entry ends with optional journaling time (with drawing for kids!) and thoughts for how to take Biblical concepts and apply them in real life.  We are working through the publication process now, so stay tuned!


Keep an eye on this page to see the current events and initiatives we’re working on!  If you feel led to support these in a practical way, please consider using the button below to give towards a specific project.  Thank you.  You are a blessing!