the question game + squishy face

raise your hand if your family eats in front of the tv.  okay, that was us not too long ago (i know, it’s terrible!) but we are making some changes around here!  for christmas last year, my amazing and wonderful sister in law (love you chris 🙂 gave us this jar filled with discussion questions.  the idea is to reconnect.  you sit at the dinner table, pull out a question, and take turns answering.  easy peasy right?  our boys quickly decided it was a “game” and now ask to play it almost every night!

okay, wondering what the “squishy face” is all about?  keep scrolling.  my son decided to grab as much of his face as he possibly could and look into the camera (this is what i get for constantly having the camera out!)  this makes me laugh every time i look at it!

seriously, how can he grab that much of his face?  branden tried to copy him and couldn’t.  go ahead, you try it!  it’s impossible!  probably more so when you’re laughing!

ridiculous four year old entertainment!  i love it!

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