19 / 52 – My family

Family is a funny thing.  It’s like this thread that runs through you, connecting you to people that are each somehow a part of who you are.  Family is where everything begins.  It is possibly the most important, God-given, life shaping force that exists on the planet, besides the Holy Spirit himself.


This thread is a fragile but resilient thing.  Through time and circumstance it may pulled and strained, worn thin, maybe even frayed.  But somehow, it keeps.  This thread is colored at times with pain, with heartache.  Other seasons may bring ease, laughter and strength.  People change, but the bond is not broken.


This is my family.  We have seen seasons of difficulty, times where the Lord taught us how to grow in grace.  Other times have been easy and fun, where we just enjoyed each other and the relationships that tie us together.


The coming year will be a full one for us, lots of change and growth.  I’m excited and thankful.  And though there will be great distance between us, I know this thread will stretch 🙂


These boys will miss their Lolo and Lola.  And their Lola’s cooking!


And I will miss my mom


It’s been a long time since the five of us were all together, and these pictures will probably be the last ones we will take as a family before we go to the mission field.  We had to celebrate with a few pictures!  I will treasure these images, especially these selfies 🙂  I sure do love these people!

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