Our big boy

This last weekend was a big one for our little famiily; our son Silas turned three years old!!  I know he’s still so little, but somehow it seems official, he’s not a baby anymore.  I’m really excited for what’s ahead.  Even in the last week it feels like he’s more curious, asking questions about EVERYTHING around him. 

He’s even suprised us by using a few “grown up” phrases in the right way.  Yesterday we were at a restaurant and the waiter came to check on us.  He asked if we needed anything and Silas answered, “We’re okay for the moment, thank you!” 

It seems like time is flying by.  I’m trying to slow it down somehow and savor each day, drink it in and remember it.  I’m a little sad, but mostly really happy.  He’s a funny, smart, amazing kid, and we’re so thankful to have him in our family!

Here’s a couple images from the weekend.  Friday was his actual birthday, and he woke up to the massive train table Branden and I got him.  Branden and my dad worked hard to put it together (and didn’t mind playing with it!) after Silas went to bed the night before.  I love this one of him in the morning light, the crazy bed head makes it sweet too!

On Saturday we had a water party for him.  Some sweet friends let us borrow their yard and we set up a slip and slide, kiddie pool, and sprinkler.  Cheep and cheerful, but the kids had a great time!

Ethan didn’t like cold water spraying on him 🙁
But he came around eventually 🙂
Silas and Daddy after playing hard in the water.  Such a good day!
We are so thankful for amazing friends who love our kiddos!  Silas got a ton of great gifts!

Silly boy
In the Philippines, the word “pogi” means handsome.  What a pogi boy we have!

Happy happy birthday Silas!  We’re so very proud of you!

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