A Picture of Strength

I think the thing that I love most about being a photographer is that I get to be a sort of story teller, capturing people and families and, with images, telling about their relationships, their personalities, telling who they are right now, a snapshot in time.
A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of photographing the B family. 
They are dear friends of my little family, and we’re so blessed to know them!
There’s so much going on in this season of their lives.  With three beautiful kids already, Mom is expecting a new little one in February!  There’s so much excitement when a baby is on it’s way, planning and preparing, lots of new gadgets and toys, the whole family is getting ready!
On top of all that, there is another piece to the B family puzzle.  Daddy is going into the United States Army.  He left a few days ago to begin basic training and will be gone for several months.  Each member of this family is adjusting to this big change in their own way, but they are all
in it together, a true picture of strength.
These three siblings are bound together by so much,
walking side by side as they journey this road together.
This is the last family picture the B family will take before so much change comes into their lives.  Later, there will be four little ones running around (well, maybe the littlest one won’t be running quite yet!)  And Daddy will be an official soldier, ready to serve and protect more than just the precious family he loves so much.
These kiddos are so close.  Like all siblings, they have their moments of not wanting to share or always get along, but they also watch out for each other and take care of each other. 
They are truly best friends.
Mom and Dad (and little baby P who’s on his way!)
Of course we had to capture some individual pics of each kiddo.  Here’s big brother C,
six years old and always ready to help.  What a handsome fellow!

And here’s A, with the new baby being another little brother, A will truly be the princess in their house!  She’s kind and sensitive, all around a bundle of sweetness!

This little brother will soon take on a new role.  Three year old C is funny and curious and all boy!  He’s going to be a great big brother

The B family is amazing.  With so much ahead, they are and only becoming closer and stronger.  I can’t wait to meet baby P and watch their family grow in so many ways.

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