It’s Incredible To Watch

A little while back, I got to do a session with I and K.  I is my cousin.  We spent a lot of growing up years together, even living in the same house for a while when we were very young.  Later, he was that cool older kid, skater with the friends that hung out and did things I wasn’t old enough to do (although he’s not even a full year older that me). 
As we got older, I watched him grow into a guy with ups and downs, struggles like each of us have.  Then a few years ago, the Lord really started some amazing things in my cousin’s life.  I saw as so much change took place, pruning and growing, fruitfulness.  Now, he’s a man (which by the way, is strange for me to think about!  Ever feel that way with your relatives?)  But he is, an amazing man of God, with an incredible woman of God standing by his side.
K has been a missionary to Thailand for the last three years, ministering to women who have been abused and exploited in the worst ways imaginable.  She is strong and passionate and creative and thoughtful, just all around amazing!  I’ve told a handful of people that K is definitely the better half (which I can say because my cousin would agree 🙂
These are their engagement pictures.  They’re both laid back and super stylish.
This urban setting totally fits them both!
My cousin wears his tattoos proudly; I really can’t imagine him without them 🙂
Isn’t she pretty?

I love the simplicity of this picture, just two best friends, laying in the grass.

So the big day is right around the corner!  November 7th will mark the end of two seperate lives and the beginning of one incredible marriage; I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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