‘Tis the season!

My favorite season is definitely summer 🙂  I like it warm; I don’t like to be super hot, but mild, flip flop, kids playing outside bare footed weather makes me happy!
You know what else makes me super happy?  GARAGE SALES!!!
I usually think of the first weekend in June as the start of garage sale season (although this year the weather has been pretty mild, so folks got started a little early around here 🙂  So at 7:30am I was meeting up with a sweet friend of mine and we hit the streets!  When I say “hit the streets,” I mean drive slowly on residential streets hoping to find treasure in the unwanted piles in other peoples’ driveways 🙂
I think today was a great day garage sale wise!  Here’s how I did 🙂
This is most of what I made out with (in front of our townhome 🙂 All in all, I spent maybe $28?  
I got a bag of ball pit balls (for homeschooling and the many forts we build around here), a wooden stepstool, a brand new science kit with real microscope (awesome right?!), a Little Tykes picnic table (perfect for craft time and outside popsicle eating :), 9 safety cones, 4 tires, a sun shelter (or “fort” as the boys will call it), a kid sized shovel, 5 or 6 books on math and phonics (for our new adventure in homeschooling, more details on that soon!), a Wii baseball game for Branden and the boys, 2 bike helmets, some pretty decorations for the home, a game I’m hoping the kids with love, some scrapbooking supplies, and a beautiful vintage chair!  Not bad right?!  
I love garage sales 🙂

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