2 / 52 – Firsts & Lasts

Hard to believe we’re already half way through the month of January!  Time is flying by, seriously.  This year promises to be full – full of adventure and excitement and craziness!  Over the holidays, Branden and I tried to be really intentional about slowing down and enjoying the season and our families.  With all the excitement about mission work and Ireland, there’s also a real sober mindedness we are beginning to realize – with every first we’ll have this year, there is a last.

I don’t mean that to sound as final as it does, but truly, this past set of holidays may be the last we spend in the United States for a while.  I know that when God calls us to something, when we give to the Lord, there is always a cost.  And in light of all that Jesus has done, of His great mercy, we ask for grace and say, “Yes!” to the call.  But I know too, that our little crew of four aren’t the only ones that will have to count the cost.  We’ll leave family and friends and all that we’ve known for so long.  We’re excited about Ireland, truly so excited about all the Lord will do and that we get to cooperate with Him in the work he is already doing!  And I know that with every step the Lord will be faithful to us.   As we get ready to go, I want to be intentional about every day, and be present in the season we’re in right now.

I took a lot of pictures at Christmas, but these are a few of my favorites.  This is Silas, waiting for us to give him his stocking and then opening his eyes to see the toy I made him 🙂
www.treuimage.com IMG_0253 IMG_0255I know that in the Lord, the best is yet to come!

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