Week 2 – The letter “B!”

So we just finished up our second week of homeschooling!!  This week we studied the letter “B,” the sight word “I” and Joshua 1:9 which says, “Be strong and courageous, for the Lord, your God will be with you wherever you go.”
First handwriting worksheet of the week.
“I don’t know if I love the letter “B” 🙁

After finishing the worksheet, Silas asked if he could turn the paper over and color.  He proceeded to write the letter on his own and was really proud of himself!  I think he likes having a chance to write with less structure.  At this age, if he’s enjoying writing, I’m happy!

New way to use those dot sheets 🙂

Silas really enjoyed this activity.  Ethan really liked eating the cereal 🙂

On the third day, we did some bubble painting!  It was super easy and the kids loved it!  
If you’d like to do it, you’ll need:
disposable cups
dish soap
acrylic paint
watercolor or art paper
To get started, mix together soap, water, and paint in the disposable cups.  We didn’t measure anything, just add ingredients until you have the right mixture.  If the color’s too light, add more paint.  If it’s too watery, add a little more soap.

Put straws in the cups and blow until the bubbles come up over the rim.  Just a little side note: make sure your child is old enough to do this part without sipping the mixture in.  Ethan accidentally did this when we first got started and learned that paint and dish soap tastes pretty gross!  He didn’t make that mistake twice!  You may have to blow the bubbles and let them do the next part.
Once bubbles start to come over the rim of the cup, take your paper and lay it on top of the bubbles, popping them with the paper.

Repeat to your heart’s delight 🙂
At the end, you should have something like this!  The boys really liked this and I think they came out pretty cool looking!  
They did three each and they all look different 🙂

On Friday, we took our first homeschool field trip!  Since we’re studying the letter “B,” we went to the Berry Patch Farm in Brighton.  A little bit of a drive, but it was worth it!  Branden was off, so that was special that he got to come with us
Here’s what Ethan did pretty much the whole time 🙂  Both the boys are fruit lovers!

These boys like to be in baseball caps, just like Daddy 🙂  We were hoping for strawberries to pick, but they are out of season until August, so we picked red currants instead.  They were a little tart, but still really great for just eating

Ethan seriously didn’t help pick at all

We spotted a little toad in the bushes
I want to be purposeful about being in some pictures with my kids even though I don’t love the way I look in them.  I don’t want them to look back and wonder where I was during their childhood!  Branden took a couple for me 🙂  Wish I had one with Ethan, but he was busy eating

Our reward for half and hour’s worth of work!

After berry picking, we sat and ate a sack lunch at the picnic tables.  The farm had actual animals around; these chickens hung out hoping to get some of our pbj.  Actually, this one tried to take some out of Silas’ hand and totally freaked him out!

After sandwiches were gone, it was time for more red currants 🙂

So our second week went great and we’re having a great time!  The boys can both do their memory verses from this week and last week (even Ethan, which is amazing to me and super adorable!)  I’m excited for next week and the letter “C!”

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