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Last week Branden had surgery.  He injured his right shoulder a couple of months ago.  I don’t know much about medical stuff, but basically they used a scope and instruments to sew down a big chunk of torn/misplaced cartilage (gross, i know)

Here’s us waiting for the surgery to start last Tuesday morning.  I really like this picture of us, especially Ethan’s face 🙂

So for the last seven days we’ve been home, all four of us 🙂  Haven’t done much, which has also been nice.  Ever feel like just staying home and hanging out with your family, nothing really on the calendar?

Branden’s in a sling (and wil be for about a month :/  But the boys have definitely enjoyed some extra time with him.  Here them during school together one morning

For the first five days Branden just slept.  He’s such a lightweight with heavy meds or anesthesia.  Seriously, this is him on the smallest amount of pain medication he can take – sleeping, for like 17 hours a day.

After a while, the boys just joined in 🙂

Amongst the perks of having Dad home was fancy breakfast every morning.  We do like decorating our food 🙂
Branden starts physical therapy in the morning and then heads back to work, but it’s definitely been nice having him recoop for the last week 🙂



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