Not a baby anymore

Hi Friends, sorry I’ve been absent from the blog lately.  There’s been a lot going on around here, including Silas’ 4th birthday!  
(Crazy how consuming a little boy’s birthday can be :/  I know everybody says things like this, but I really can’t believe he’s four!  
I feel like it’s really official, he’s not a baby anymore 🙁
Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about the stage Silas is in right now; every day is an adventure with him.  But part of me feels like we’ve somehow moved into the next chapter of parenthood, one step further out of the baby years 🙁
Today I picked Silas up out of a shopping cart to load him into his car seat and he said, “I’m glad you can still pick me up Mom, 
even though I’m already four.”  I’m glad I can still carry him too.
Well, I wanted to share some pics from the little man’s birthday last week 🙂  He woke up to a few of his favorite things: chocolate doughnuts, a bag of York peppermint patty pieces (he actually asked if he could have these for his birthday months ago!), his favorite Transformer, Skids, a flashlight, and a card from us.
Ethan was so excited to give these gifts to him.  He actually yelled, “Bupise! (surprise!)  Look what I bought for you!!” as Silas came down the stairs 🙂  Notice Silas’ shooter in hand; he has it with him at all times.

While Silas enjoyed his new gifts, Ethan enjoyed the chocolate doughnuts 🙂

“Look Mom, this is my fourth one!”

Okay, for those of you who haven’t met my hubby, he’s amazing at a lot of things, one of which people might not know, is woodworking.  
He’s seriously crazy amazing!  He wanted to make Silas something special for his birthday, so he carved him a sword complete with a sheath.  Like I said…amazing 🙂

He tells Silas that he’s his knight, a protector and a peacemaker.  This was a pretty cool way to make that idea tangible.
Later that day we had a little party for him!

We wanted to do an obstacle course birthday with everything boy, including a mud pie chocolate cake!  Can you read it?

Obstacle course time!!  Who wants to go first?

Okay, just so you know, the kiddos ran the course in groups of four at a time, but these pics are a 
combination of several groups.  Sorry if it’s confusing :/
Alrighty, first they got suited up in a pillowcase.  I’m so grateful for my friend Jamie who snapped a few pictures for me; thanks Jamie!! 

Here’s the munchkin; isn’t he adorable?

On your mark, get set, go!  I love this action shot!

Okay, crawl through the red string (actually yarn) obstacle…

…carry a ball on a spoon to a bucket…
See that little girly on the left?  That’s Brooklyn, super sweet, beautiful Brooklyn.  I keep telling Ethan that she’s his future wife, but he won’t even look at her.  Although once he shared his favorite toy with her, so that’s a start right?

Sorry, back to the course…
…jump through some old times…
Here’s Ethan making his way through

…army crawl under the nets…

…walk the balance beam and make your way to the last part of the course, spraying toilet paper with water until it breaks!  
That’s right, I went all out with the high tech 🙂

Well, the rest of the day had cake eating, gift opening, and lots of time with sweet sweet friends!  
Happy birthday Silas, you’re an amazing blessing to our family and we couldn’t be prouder of you!

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