instagram love

instagram love

i recently got an iphone (i know, now i can sit at the cool kids’ table :)  i actually miss my droid.  calm down all you apple lovers, i’m an apple lover too!  which is why i was so surprised at how many things you can customize on a droid that don’t even exist on the iphone!  and seriously, no swype?  okay, i’m over it.  why?  because of instragram :)

i am seriously loving this app (and apparently so are millions of other people :)  the camera phone has changed the world of photography – really!  this iphone has a crazy camera anyways, but stack that on top of the instant editing and sweet vintage options that instagram offers and no wonder people are crazy about it!

i think my real goal with photography is pretty simple – capture what’s truly important in the everyday.  having a camera i can hold in my hand helps me do that.  and having an app that instantly bedazzles my pictures makes me happy :)  okay, enough of the instagram commercial!  please enjoy some of our recent pics…

i also love the tilt shift effect!  okay, seriously that was my last endorsement.  actually, probably not :)  okay, i think i’ve already said it, but if you want to follow us, you can find us on instagram under “thetreulife.”  until next time, enjoy your camera phone!

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