always, sometimes, never

i saw a post like this on a sweet blog I follow.  i thought i’d try to recreate it here 🙂

i always:

  • kiss the boys in this house more than once before going to bed
  • save room for dessert
  • love a steal of a deal (but i never actually steal!)
  • want to spend time with branden
  • want to be present in today
  • want to hear Jesus
i sometimes:
  • wonder about the future
  • say too much
  • have a hard time balancing my time
  • like to cook
  • have an opinion (maybe i should move this one?)
  • wish i was cooler
  • let the laundry become a mountain of clothes on the floor
i never:
  • really want to go to bed at night
  • get bored with photography
  • like working out (wish i could move this to the sometimes pile :/
  • like spending money
  • want to take the little things for granted
what about you?  do you have any always, sometimes or nevers?  please share!
oh, and a little heads up, next week i’ll be starting a new series of photo tips and tutorials on the blog!  if you’ve ever wanted to take better pictures, stay tuned!  exciting!! 🙂

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