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hello sweet people that read my posts even though i’m a total slacker!  i know, i haven’t blogged very much lately (and by lately, i mean for the past couple of months!)  honestly, it’s been busy and crazy and there’s been a lot going on.  but even more than that, the Lord is changing my perspective on a lot of things.  more on that later, but for now, i have a few big things going on that i want to share with you!

first of all, i can’t get enough of this face!  i know i’m biased, but seriously?  could he be any cuter?  um…no.  little man turned three way back in april.  i took his birthday pictures a few weeks ago (i know, just a quarter of a year late, right?) but i love how they came out!!  okay, in my defense, i had to make the bow ties, so that’s what my hold up was.  adorable, right?  i’ll share more from his session later (and a tutorial for the bow ties!)  we did some pics with silas and shared some cousin love too, so stay tuned!

alrighty, next, the last foto finch workshop is just around the corner!!  it’s on the calendar for saturday, august 25th – an all day, fill your brain, be inspired and shoot ’til you drop event for anyone and everyone who wants to take their photography to the next level!

for more info and to register, please visit the workshop page.  space is limited, so don’t wait!!

in addition to the workshops, i’m super excited to announce the opening of The Foto Finch Shop!  if you haven’t been able to make it to a workshop, no worries!  all of the information is now available for purchase online!!  you’ll learn how to shoot in manual mode, use elements of composition (things that make your pictures interesting and give them that “wow” factor), and how to capture the “story” of you images.

these are set up in the shop as groups of photography tutorials, so you can purchase just one or two sections or all of them at a discounted, bundle price!  i’m so excited to offer these and hopefully help others learn to capture their everyday lives with some awesome photography!

you can visit the shop here, or scroll to the top of the page and click on the “shop” button.


in other big news, treu image photography is now on 89.7 GRACEfm!!  WHAT?!  i know, crazy, right?  for those of you who don’t live around the Denver metro area, GRACEfm is a local radio station that’s actually owned by our church.  it launched about a year and a half ago and and is an awesome resource for spreading the Word around our city!  so cool to be a part of that!  anyways, if you hear our spot, let me know!  i’m seriously so excited!!


okay, i think that’s about it in the updates department.  the boys and i leave tomorrow morning to go see some family in california!  we’re really excited for this trip.  the boys keep pretending that they’re on vacation with their cousin that we’ll be seeing out there, except they don’t pretend to be in california.  it’s always random places like china and alaska.  i guess it’s good they’re using their imaginations, right?

well, wish me luck.  tomorrow’s a super early flight with two very excited (but sure to be tired) children!

okay, see you next time friends!

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