the perfect pumpkin

We went to the pumpkin patch a couple of weeks ago 🙂

I just wanna say that I’m thankful every day for how beautiful God made Colorado!  It was such a clear day; the mountains looked so close!

If you’ve never been, you should know that pumpkin patches are rough.  The vines are everywhere, just growing thick and tangled.  The ground is corse and dry.   It’s amazing to me that these pumpkins grow so heartily there.  I think about the work God does in our lives, and that He can make us flourish even in some rough conditions.

The best part about going to the patch is that you get to pick your own pumpkin 🙂  They’re all different; it just depends on what you think is the “perfect pumpkin.”

The search was on!

Do you see my husband, picking up pumpkins with his arm in a sling?  Yeah, he probably wasn’t supposed to be doing that 🙂

It took him the longest, but Silas finally found his pumpkin 🙂

Ethan was so proud of his!

Here are the three we took home.  Mine is the big one; I love how wrinkly it is!

And Branden took a picture of me with mine.  It’s funny how the shadow looks like I’m enormously pregnant 🙂

Well, happy pumpkin day everyone!  Stay safe!

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