day 1

It’s crazy to me that it’s November already – seriously, I feel like it’s basically Christmas which means it’s about to be next year in like five minutes!  Anyone else feel like that?!

Well, in an effort to slow down time, I thought I’d try to post something each day this month that I’m thankful for (pictures included of course 🙂  I know I’m definitely not the only one doing something like this, but I think it’s a good idea – taking time to think about all the many ways that we’re blessed!

So, here’s day one!  These boys surprise me everyday with their personalities and imaginations, the things they say and do!  It’s amazing to see how they take the world in.  They learn so much and are changing too quickly!

But today I am actually thankful for their dad 🙂  We went to a pastry tasting tonight and the hubs pulled them aside, handed each of them a bill, and helped them pick out a treat they thought I would like!  The boys were so excited and kept coming over to cover my eyes because it was supposed to be a surprise!  What a good man I have 🙂  I think I’m most thankful because even at this young age, he’s teaching them to treat their wives right.

So day 1 – I’m thankful for a husband who teaches our boys to be gentlemen 🙂
And I get to be the object of that training!  Sweet!

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