day 17 – tae kwon do

~  day 17  ~

I’m thankful for tae kwon do 🙂  I know that sounds kind of weird to say, but I am.  A few months ago, the boys won an intro class to this tae kwon do place – two free classes and a uniform for both – sweet!  So we took them to the first class.  Silas did great and loved every minute of it!  He called it “Ninja Training School,” so you can imagine that that it was basically a dream come true!  Ethan, well, let’s just say he wasn’t quite ready (and by that I mean that I had to physically move his arms and legs to pretend he was participating.  Yeah, let’s wait a year or so before trying again.)

Anyways, we came home that day and I told Branden how much Silas loved it and how I thought it would be good for him; Branden agreed.  I knew how expensive weekly lessons would be and Branden and I agreed that when we could work it into the budget, then we’d talk about it again.

Okay, fast forward to a few weeks later.  Branden and I took the boys to an event at one of the big parks in our city.  The fire and police department were there where kids could climb in all the vehicles; the boys loved it!  There were also some local vendors there getting their name out.  A nearby martial arts place was doing a drawing for six months of free membership at their studio (is it called a studio?)  Anyways, the guy approached Branden and asked him to put his name in the drawing.  I was literally thinking, “Please don’t put our name in that drawing.  They’ll have all our info and psycho call us!”  But I didn’t say anything and Branden signed up.

A couple weeks later we get a phone call.  Guess what?  We won!  I know, crazy right?  And Branden was about to have surgery on his shoulder, so they said we could have Silas do the classes instead!

I know this might seem like it’s not that big of a deal, but for me, it’s a reminder that God truly does love us, and that He cares about everything that’s important to us.  Sure He always provides for what we need – food, health, safety (to name a few!), but tae kwon do?  Yes, even Silas’ desire to do martial arts 🙂  It’s so cool to know that God sees us and cares!

So, here is my boy.  After a month of lessons, Silas tested for his yellow belt!  He was so nervous but he did great and was super proud of himself!  This was part of his test.  Scroll down to turn off the music on the right and enjoy!

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