bacon cupcakes

So we celebrated Branden’s birthday a couple days ago – the big 34!  He says he feels like he’s getting old.  I told him he’s like a 13 year old at heart.  He didn’t disagree 🙂  He and I get to go on a date in a few nights to celebrate, but I wanted to make him a cake.  When I asked him what kind he wanted, he responded without hesitation, “Bacon!”  (Not surprising 🙂 So, cake + bacon = maple bacon cupcakes!

You know when you eat pancakes with syrup and bacon and everything all kinda mixes together? Yeah, it pretty much tastes like that 🙂

I found the recipe here.  My icing was a little runny so I added 2 more cups of powdered sugar to thicken it.  I also sprinkled bacon pieces on top instead of using strips, but I’m sure either is good!  I know it sounds kinda strange, but they were actually pretty good, if you like bacon!

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