52 / 52 – Walking

Walking.  Since moving here to Ireland, we’ve learned to walk much more than we ever did before!  In Cork City, many people don’t have cars.  Owning one is pretty expensive here.  The streets are narrow and crowded, and there’s not much in the city center that isn’t within a half hour or forty-five minutes on foot.  So people walk.

A couple weeks ago, the boys and I spent the day in the city.  We started at the church, which is basically at one corner of the city, and set out on foot.  I had a purse and each boy carried an empty backpack, ready to be filled with any treasures we might pick up along the way.  We went from store to store, mostly window shopping and just enjoying the day.

We probably walked a total of six hours – which is a lot for us!  It was a little chilly, and for part of the time it actually rained a bit, but nothing that really bothered us enough to stay inside.  We talked about things we saw, told stories, picked up a couple small things, and just walked.


Walking together seems so simple; it’s normal, everyday life.  But as I’ve been thinking about it, it’s in that simplicity that life happens.  Walking with someone means motion, moving in a direction, going forward with them.  It means keeping step, not falling behind or racing ahead; you’re walking.  It means conversation and fellowship – relationship.  And as you see the same things, participate in the everyday, from exciting to mundane, you find yourself knit together with them.   Your days are intertwined.


As we close the cover on 2016 and look with anticipation at the blank pages that await us, I hope to walk well.  To keep in step and live fully and faithfully in all the Lord calls me to each day.   I pray we’ll build relationships and grow as we make the most of everyday opportunities.  And I hope that as we make our way, we’d also make the stories we’ll share at this time next year and beyond.  I’m so thankful, knowing that when Jesus came it was to be Emmanuel, “God with us.”  He walked among us, living life here and calling us to the Father.  And He is Emmanuel still, and calls us to love and call the world to Himself.  Here’s to all He has in store for 2017!

And these boys – couldn’t ask for better walking partners!


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