The Sweet Life

Everyone came along for the H family session, Dad, Mom, their sweet girl, and her best friend, the family dog. 

I love this picture of baby M holding onto to Mom’s hands.  What a great age, starting to explore and be independent, but not venturing too far from the safety of the familiar.

I always want sessions to be relaxed and fun, capturing families as they really are, being themselves, and just enjoying each other.  This picture tells so much about this sweet time in the H family’s life.

Baby M is getting ready to walk and Dad and Mom are getting ready to chase!  When I asked if we wanted to try a standing picture, Mom replied, “Sure, it’s her favorite!”

This picture is so fun, and it makes me so happy to do photography that’s not so “traditional,” venturing away from the posed, “one, two, three, say ‘cheese'” kind of pictures.
This is one of my favorite family pictures of all time.  My hubby always says that it’s good for kiddos to see their parents loving on each other.  It’s so true! And of course I love the sun flare 🙂 
It was such a pleasure to get to play with the H family. 
Can’t wait to see little M walking!

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