Funnel Cakes and Greed!

Alright, I know I’m a little behind, but I wanted to post on our latest homeschool studies of the letters “F” and “G!”  Here we go…
Our memory verse for “F” was Psalm 103:3 which says, “He forgives all my sins.”  Such a simple and incredible verse!  My goal with these verses is to have ones that either give the kids a direct command from the Bible, or ones that speak about about God and His character!
Ethan’s stink face 🙂  He makes this face regularly

Time for some handwriting practice

I got some great stuff for homeschool at garage sales this summer, including this patterning game 
made from Discovery Toys.  Love Discovery Toys!

Ethan did pretty good right?

Okay, highlight of the week…drumroll please…FUNNEL CAKES!!!  
(And time in the kitchen with Daddy…not many things in life cuter than that right?)


Okay, seriously, these were so so easy and tasted just like the ones at the carnival stand…and it didn’t cost me $6 a cake!

And after you submerge it in oil, cover it with powdered sugar!!
If your mouth is watering, you can find the recipe here!


Okay, moving on to some real work, fish patterning complete with fishy lips 🙂

Alright, we didn’t get to everything planned for the letter “G,” but here’s what we did get done…
Luke 12:15 says, “Watch out!  Be on your guard against all kinds of greed.”  Silas always says “greeds” since he doesn’t quite understand one word being singular and plural…seriously, time to get with the program right?

I love that he’s wearing these pajamas in these pictures 🙂

We did our regular handwriting worksheets, but also did some work in these new workbooks.  
I got them at Target in the $1 area!  Cheap and cheerful is what I like!

While big brother did handwriting, Ethan used those developing motor schools to build towers!  
Blocks also from a garage sale – $2!  Can’t beat it right?!

I love that he’s comfy in this position 🙂

I could just kiss these little fingers and toes!

Okay, friends, that was “F” and “G!”  On to hop scotch and hunting!  See you soon!!

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