a little one on one time

There’s a lot of things I want to work on as a mom, but one that is definitely at the forefront is to be intentional.  What I mean is, it’s easy to be in the same room with my kids, even to have conversations with them, and still be completely tuned out.  I know because I’ve done it.  When things are busy or I the boys are talking about things I’m not particularly interested in (are we playing ninjas again?!) or when I’m tired (and when am I not tired?) I need to be more intentional.

So Branden and I decided to spend some one on one time with the boys.  The other night, he and I split up, each took one of the boys, and went on dates.  I got to hang out with Silas 🙂

So off we went, right after dinner –  first stop was a trip to Sonic.  Slushies are legit 🙂

Next was a trip to the pet store!  Not to buy a pet; it’s just as fun to look at them.  Plus, not poop to scoop 🙂  Anyone love cats?  I’m not a cat person.  I am a kitten person.  Somehow those are different.  It’s true.

Then there was tank after tank of all different kinds of fish – like this swarm of goldfish!

Okay, I don’t at all like creeping crawling things, but this bearded dragon was actually really cool!  Kinda cute 🙂

The night ended with a trip to the boys’ favorite place – Target!  They love to peruse those toy aisles!  We don’t usually buy anything, but Silas had been saving his money, so we went.  It was the first time he had saved and spent his own money on something he really wanted.  He was pretty proud of himself 🙂

So that was mine and Silas’ date night – nothing fancy, but it was time set aside just to talk, to hang out, to be together.  And it was really good!  Here’s to many more 🙂

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