A couple months ago, I got the chance to do something I’d never done before ~ photograph newborn twins!  For most newborn sessions, I always tell moms to allow up to two hours for the session.  I know that might sound long, but when you factor in feedings, changing, and everything else it takes to keep a little one (or two!) happy, the time goes by really quickly! 
This session was no exception.  I was so grateful for Mom’s patience and
also for an extra set of hands as their sweet Aunt offered to come and help.
I was so excited to capture these two together, but first, Mom wanted to make sure
we got a few of them individually.  Aren’t they beautiful?

After some nursing and rocking, they took turns falling asleep.  What I mean by that is they both wanted to sleep (which was great for me) just not at the same time (not so great for me!)  Still, it gave us a chace to capture a few more precious images of them individually.
Finally, after more rocking, swaddling, bouncing, nursing, and even a little sweating on our part,
we got both of these little angels to fall asleep…together!

I love how the sweet girl on the right is leaning her head on her sister’s shoulder.  It’s just a picture of what life will be like as these two grow up together, leaning on each other,
 even from the very beginning.
Auntie brought this basket from home and it worked out perfectly.  These girls gave us a little bit of a workout, but in the end, I think the images were worth it!  I’m so thankful for the opportunity to capture these twins and hope this is the first of many twin sessions for Treu Image. 
The picture below is one of my favorites!

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