4 / 52 – Builder + Ireland Update

Hello there!  Here’s this week’s Project 52 post!  I thought I’d also give a little update on where we are with preparations for Ireland.  There’s a lot of exciting things happening and we really want to share + document the process of heading to the Emerald Isle!

But first, this little builder 🙂  Both our boys love creating – putting things together, taking them apart, making new things.  We were talking the other day and Silas said something kind of amazing – God is the best Creator!  I told them how the Bible says that we are made in His image and part of that is being creative!  God also delights in making and enjoying His creation!


And there’s always a story.  Everything is made with great intention.  What a blessing to watch them play and imagine everyday!  Except when I step on one of those Legos at night.  Then I’m only angry!  How do those things hurt so bad?!


Alright, Ireland!  There’s a lot going on right now!  It’s exciting and amazing and a little overwhelming!  We’re having to remind ourselves to be faithful with what’s in front of us and also just trust in the Lord.  It’s His work, right?

Okay, so I thought it might be good to share this in bullet form (I LOVE LISTS!)  Right now:

  • We are finishing up the final touches on the material we’ll be handing out – magnets, brochure/trifold thingy with info on Ireland and how the Lord is leading us there, pledge cards, lists for people to sign up for newsletters, etc.
  • We just got our new email set up (yay!)
  • We’re putting together a short video about the mission
  • We’re in the process of getting set up with the organization that will help handle our finances while we’re overseas
  • We’re doing research on what moving abroad will look like – cost of tickets, shipping our stuff, visas, a place to live, etc.
  • We’re putting together an event here in the Denver area for us to share the story of God sending us to Ireland.  It’s gonna be awesome and there will be food – more details to come!
  • We’re starting to reach out to churches about the possibility of coming to share with their congregations about the mission (so exciting!)

Of course along with all this, Branden is still working and we are still homeschooling and taking care of all the normal every day life stuff.  Life is crazy and amazing and really full right now!

For those of you who have been praying with us, I want to say THANK YOU!!  Along with all the details and excitement, there is also spiritual warfare.  Jesus continues to teach us that He is God and that it is His delight to care for His own.  What a promise!  Here are some of the things we are praying through right now:

  • Getting things ready to share – finishing up and printing materials, the video, what and how the Lord would have us share about the mission
  • I need to remake/update the blog
  • The event that we’ll be doing – sharing in a way that’s fun and effective (we’re really excited 🙂
  • Where to hold the event, cost and prep of food, all those details
  • Open doors to share with churches and other groups about all the Lord is doing and our transition to the mission field!

Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer and for all your support!  We really are so excited about all God has in store and for what He’s doing in this current season too!  Our God is doing big things and we’re privileged to be a part of it!

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