Sneak Peeks!!

Saturday was the perfect day for mini sessions, the weather was great, the autumn air was crisp and fresh, and the kiddos were ready to play!  Here are some sneak peeks!
The first family was this almost two year old little lady and her Dad and Mom.  I was a little worried because little L wasn’t really in the mood to play, but after looking through their images, we got a ton of great pictures!

The B family was so much fun, Dad, Mom, two spunky girls and a sweet baby boy! 
They make me smile :o)
This is one of my new favs!  Love Dad’s expression with Mom lovin on him!

The B family came ready to play!  The fall scenery made a great playground, we definitely had fun with the leaves!  Love these relaxed, just being a family pictures!
I’ve never had the chance to photograph triplets, that is until Saturday!  These 18 month olds were ready to run and play!  And big brother L was such a big helper!
Last but not least was the Z family.  They were so much fun, especially when we needed to get “real” smiles.  Each kiddo took their turn doing their solo pictures while the rest of the family turned up their iPhones and danced like crazy in the background!
I always like to get a few of Mom and Dad by themselves. 
 Here’s another one of my new favorites, so pretty : )

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