Documenting a miracle

February 4, 2011 ~ 8:30am
 The last time we saw the Blaise family, Dad was on his way to basic training, Mom was about five months pregnant with the fourth little Blaise, and three sweet kiddos were awaiting the arrival of a new baby brother!  Well, the day finally arrived…

I got there a little after 8:30am.  Sarah looked great, hooked up and ready to go
She had been having pretty consistent contractions and 
was waiting for the right time to ask for her epidural.

She was surrounded by some women that love her very very much.  With her husband Tom still away training as a soldier, these women stepped in to love on her a little extra that day.

Throughout the day, Sarah and Tom would text and call

At around 2pm, Sarah’s best friend, Ashley and I went to grab a quick bite.
Sarah was dilated to a five.  She joked all morning that once she got going,
things would happen fast.  How fast was fast really?  She was right; within 15 minutes,
we were back in the room and Sarah was at an eight!

8 quickly became 9, then 10.  It was time!
 Suddenly the room was buzzing.  Nurses were all taking care of their specific jobs.  
Sarah’s doctor came in and got dressed and in position.  Ashley, Sarah’s Mom and sister 
gathered around her bed, ready to cheer her through each push and contraction.

Sarah’s Mom asked Jesus to help her

Are you ready?  This is the part where the miracle happens…

I love Sarah’s face here.  She desperately misses her husband and yet, there is so much joy!

It’s an honor to be in this room, to be part of something that is amazing and life changing, 
to be able to help families remember the details of this day for always.

Moms are so good at being there for us 🙂

Sweet first moments 🙂

First conversation with Tom.  Everything went fine and yes, he’s perfect!


I stayed a little while longer and got to photograph more sweet moments like his first bath and feeding, footprints for the certificate, and just his family soaking him up and loving on each other.  Man, I have a great job 🙂  And of course, we set up a date for these…

Welcome Baby Carter…you have a family that loves you very very much 🙂

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