An amazing privilege

Tonight something amazing happened.  Since Easter, Silas has been talking a lot about Jesus dying on the cross.  Actually, every time he sees anything resembling a cross, he shouts out, “God died on the cross for our sins!!”  Of course, death to him isn’t a terrible, sad thing, since he has no real experience with death yet.  Our conversations have been very matter of fact, talking about how everyone will one day die.
Silas is very analytical.  He wants to understand everything to the fullest extent.  He’s not satisfied until he can put the pieces together in his mind.  Sometimes it can seem draining, the relentless “why, why, why?”  But sometimes it is an incredible blessing.
In the last few weeks, along with talking about Jesus’ death, we’ve also had the chance to talk about His resurrection, His pursuing love, and the hope of salvation.
Tonight, Silas asked Jesus to be the boss of his life!  He asked God to forgive him for all the bad choices he’s made, and told Him that he loved Him.  And what’s even more, Branden and I got to lead him in that prayer!  What an amazing privilege!  Not only to lead someone into salvation, but your own son, three and a half years old, curious, decided, and saved!  My heart is singing right now!  Praise the Lord!
I know that Silas is little, that he does not fully understand the ins and outs of theology and that he may not for quite some time.  (Who does really?)  But he does know that Jesus loves him and that he loves Jesus and that he wants to obey and follow God.  What more is there really for any of us to know?
The other thing he knows is that in heaven right now, angels are throwing a party in his honor 🙂  And so will we tomorrow!
And with that, I’ll say good night.  If there is anyone reading this who wants to know more about saying “Yes!” to Jesus, to asking God to be in charge of your life, please contact me, comment, email, facebook, call.  I’d love to talk with you!
Blessings, Ernie          (303)358-9952

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