16 / 52 – Mr. John

This is Mr. John.  He’s my parents’ neighbor, a scientific genius, former professor at Harvard, a millionaire, and my kids’ science teacher.


Every few weeks he comes over and teaches the boys a science lesson.  The latest lesson was about how to use a telescope to triangulate the height of a building.


He’s so patient with the kids, teaching them concepts that are beyond them in a way they can understand, answering their questions – all because he genuinely enjoys it and sees greatness in them.


The boys love it!  They’re excited to share things with him on our “Science Days,” and bring up the things he’s taught them weeks after.


And I’m thankful that beyond what scientific concepts they’re learning, they’ll look back and remember Mr. John – a patient and kind man who took the time to teach them and helped them see their potential to learn.


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