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I’ve been thinking about this post for a while; it’s about Ethan, his birthday post.  My baby boy is growing up a little more each day.  It’s amazing to watch it happen, to see him discover the world, to see his personality come to life, to enjoy being his momma.  I don’t want to be sad because there’s so much to be happy about.  I was thinking today though (like I do sometimes) how different he will be, even in six short months.  Time is a blessing, but it’s also relentless.  I know that there is a time for everything and that we are never guaranteed tomorrow; we need to make today count, I do know.  So for each day, for today, I want to remember every little thing about my baby boy.
Here are a few things about Ethan today that I never want to forget:
~ He’s very articulate when he talks.  A few months ago Ethan really started talking, like repeating everything and saying everything, using words correctly in context.
It was almost like he’d been understanding things for a while and just couldn’t say the words, then one day, he could!
~ He talks like talking is going out of business.  I wish I could really explain it.  When he gets excited (which happens a lot!) he talks as loud and as high pitched as his little voice can manage!  It’s hilarious and I wish I could bottle it up just to listen to it and smile always.

~ My favorite Ethan phrases today are:
“Onkey onkey” (Okey dokey)
“I wub you much Mom”
“Tiyas” (Silas)
“Mo-ty-ton!” (Motorcycle)

~ He’s very stubborn determined 😉  We used to say that Silas was a strong willed child, but Silas doesn’t really compare to his baby brother.  (We are certain that the Lord has a great plan!)
~ Ethan has got his own personality!  He knows when he’s being funny,
he loves music and has got some sweet dance moves, and he knows what he wants
(and usually has a plan on how to get it!)
~ I want to remember the way he looks, right now, today.  I guess there is a way to make sure of that 🙂  Here are some pictures of Ethan so far:

Here’s me at the hospital on induction day.  I literally look like I put a beach ball under my shirt!  And one in my face 🙁
Ethan’s birthday was a crazy day.  There’s so much to praise the Lord about when I look back 🙂  Here is the first picture I have of my two boys meeting, Silas was only a year and a half old!  I love this, both is Daddy’s lap together 🙂
This is Ethan at two weeks
Guess how many pictures I took to get this one!  It was worth it though, I think
The early days (aka the days of no sleep!)
First Halloween, our two little pumpkins!
This is Ethan at about six months.  Cutie patootie right?
Seven months, taken by the amazing and sweet Julie.  It took me about six hours (each) to crochet these little bear hats for the boys!
Look how happy he is!  He’s saying “YAAAYYY!”  Silas needs a serious haircut!
Celebrating his first Easter.  He looks like a tiny old man here, toothless and everything!!
He’s almost a year old here
First birthday party.  There’s my little candle blowing helper again 🙂  
My Mom’s holding the real birthday boy.  Look at his chubs!
Ethan took cake smashing seriously!
“Wanna bite?  I can share!”
Bath time!
These were taken last October.  Ethan was about 18 months here.  
Sorry, I totally slacked on pictures after the one year mark 🙁
So the next few pictures were all taken with my phone.  I know they’re not 
the best quality (at all!) but I am very grateful for the camera phone, 
it’s already in my purse and it has some cool camera apps 🙂
I did notice going through all these that after a certain age, I started taking a lot more pictures of the boys together instead of individuals.  Even though I definitely know that they have their own identities, I think it’s okay, because having siblings is a big part of who you are.  
I’m glad my boys have each other 🙂
We did old timey pictures with the kids.  Guess who got the biggest riffle 🙂 

This last winter the boys came down with rsv, it was a long period of nebulizer treatments 
and doctor visits, but I am grateful for many things, one being that 
it could have been much worse and it wasn’t.
Here is my mom holding Ethan for his first neb treatment at the doctor’s office…poor baby 🙁

This is how we rock 3D glasses from the movie theater!  
Silas usually puts them on upside down 🙂
This is what happens when you and your brother are bored and Big Brother convinces you 
that you will fit in the toy box with all the toys.
I took these on the day of our housewarming.  This is really how the boys are right now.  Silas has fully taken on the role of Big Brother.  He can be rough, but for the most part, he totally watches out for Ethan.  He loves to teach him new things and help him with EVERYTHING!  Sometimes it’s actually a little much for Little Brother to take, but it’s very sweet 🙂
I love these pictures too, because this is how 
Ethan smiles for pictures right now…CHEEEEEESE!!!
Love it!
We did go out the other day and take some 2 year old pictures of Ethan.  I don’t have them quite ready to share, but promise to post asap.  Hope you enjoyed our little Ethan journey over the past couple of years!  Here’s to remembering him today, every little thing 🙂

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