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Alrighty Friends, I hope you’re enjoying the long weekend and have plans to see some fireworks!  We’re going to do all that, but tomorrow we are also going to start our homeschooling adventure!  
I’m excited, but I feel like I don’t have everything together quite yet (because I don’t!).  
I’m a planner.  Sometimes I forget that it’s not so much about me having everything crossed off my list.  This is about our boys, about this small window we have to really build a foundation in their lives, to disciple them in the Lord and in His Word, and as we rely on the Lord, to give them the best education possible.
I’m sure that some things will change as we go, but here are my “lesson plans” (sounds official, right?) for this week just in case you wanted to follow along 🙂  Before we start, 
please know that most of the material we will be using you can get for free, 
and there will be a lot of links to great resources!  
Probably the resource we’ll be using the most is Confessions of a Homeschooler
a sweet Friend who is an amazing resource for preschool/kindergarten curriculum.  
You can download all of her material one page at a time for free or pay a very small fee to download everything at once, totally worth it!
Each week we will study a letter (traditional order: A-Z), a coordinating verse, and a sight word.  For Ethan (who just turned 2 in April) we’ll do some of the same stuff on a simpler level, 
but work more on basic recognition of letters, numbers, shapes, colors, etc. 
and maybe some letter sounds.
Okay, lesson plans:

Letter: Aa
Verse: “In your anger, do not sin.” – Ephesians 4:26
Sight Word: see
Ethan: “Aa” Tot Book

We used several pages from Confessions of a Homeschooler (COAH) curriculum for letter Aa found here.

Ethan’s Tot Book is made up of these pages from COAH: Dot Page, Letter A Prewriting Practice pages, Shape Matching Puzzle, and Scissor Skills Practice page

Day 1
  • Introduce letter Aa
  • COAH – Aa Dot Page 
  • Introduce Bible verse (to help the kiddos remember each verse, we will come up with actions to do while we recite it)
  • COAH – Letter “Aa” Handwriting page found here (We’ll be doing these every week, so if you want to download it, you can just print the whole thing at once!  You’ll need 3 copies of each letter)
  • Introduce sight word: see
  • Read easy reader (I found these great easy readers at a garage sale, but you can also use these I found online or any that you love!)
  • Go to library and find “A” books (books that focus on the letter A)
Day 2
  • Review Bible verse and actions
  • Letter “Aa” handwriting page
  • Practice in dry erase handwriting books here and here (these I did have to buy at Walmart)
  • Review sight word and read easy reader
  • Ethan tot book work
  • Art Gallery Animal craft
Day 3
  • Review Bible verse and actions
  • Letter “Aa” handwriting page
  • Practice “A” and “a” in dry erase books
  • COAH – Letter A Pattern Activity
  • CAOH – Letter A Scissors Skills Page
  • COAH – Letter A Letter Hunt Page (we’ll be doing one every week, you can find them here)
  • Review sight word and read easy reader
  • Read “A” books from the library
  • Do a scavenger hunt for things around the house that start with letter A
  • Ethan tot book work
Day 4
  • Review Bible verse and actions
  • Practice in dry erase books
  • Review sight word and read easy reader
  • Read “A” books from library
  • Do this activity and talk about how anger can get out of control
Okay, that’s about it!  I really am excited!  I’m hoping to take some pictures and post at the end of the week with pictures and next weeks lesson plans.  Please keep us in your prayers!!  Also, if this is at all helpful to your family or if you have any questions, please please let me know!!  Blessings!

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