Doughnuts, Dinosaurs & an Egg Farm!

Today’s post is a double since I wasn’t able to do a letter “Dd” post (and I’m late on this “Ee” post!)  We’ll start with “Dd” 🙂  Our verse was 
Matthew 7:12 which says, “Do to others what you would have them to do to you.”  This is a great verse for kids any age!
Love that tongue 😛

Then we made dinosaur D’s!

Apparently, dinos make good masks!

Then on to some handwriting practice!  He’s doing so good 🙂

Both the boys got to do new games this week.  Ethan matched dino pieces by color.  He can match them even though he doesn’t quite know his colors yet

Silas attached clothespins to each dino card according to the number on the card.  He really enjoyed this!  
Love practicing counting and those fine motor skills 🙂

Okay Friends, doughnut time!  This is the EASIEST doughnut recipe you’ll ever find!  My mom used to make these for my sisters and I 
when we were little (littler 🙂  They are so yummy; here’s what you’ll need:
Oil for frying
1 can  refrigerated homestyle biscuit dough
Cookie cutters (it’s good to have two sizes of the same shape)

Step 1: Press cookie cutters into dough, first the bigger shape, then the smaller on the inside, like a real doughnut!

I promise he was having fun, but he looks super angry pressing the cookie cutter into the dough here 🙂

Step 2:  Once the pieces are cut, fry them in oil over low/medium heat.  I burned the first couple on medium/high :/

Step 3:  Drain oil slightly and roll in sugar ~ yum!  Looks like the cutest little homemade doughnut ever right?

Step 4:  Enjoy with you brother (or whoever you’d like to share with 🙂

Okay, on to the letter “Ee!”  Our verse was Philippians 2:14, “Do everything without complaining or arguing.”  This is a great verse for my kids, seriously!

Elephant time…love that tongue 🙂

Handwriting time

I love telling stories with pictures.  This is really how our boys are right now, handwriting practice with little brother playing with the Batmobile! 
 I’m gonna miss this stage one day 🙁

For the letter “Ee” I wanted to do something with eggs.  Our very very sweet friend, Ms. Debi, has a few hens.  
She let us come over and gather, scramble, and eat some eggs!

Of course my littles, in true boy fashion, tried knocking on the eggs to see how hard they could hit them without breaking them!  
Here’s Ethan attempting gentleness, something they need to practice daily!

Time to beat them; this was probably their favorite part.  Messiness makes everything better I guess!

Then Ms. Debi cooked them up for a good afternoon snack!

Well, that was “D” and “E!”  This week is the letter “F,” then we’re off to our staycation, exciting!!  Stay tuned for some Treu family memory making!

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