The Arndt Family…and amazing light

A few weeks ago I got to spend some time with the A family.  Aren’t the beautiful?

You may recognize this Mama from her own blog!   She’s a super wife, mom, and homeschooling queen…seriously amazing!

Something that always inspires me as a photographer is light – how light changes with each hour of the day, how it can completely dictate the mood of your images.  Light can be the photographer’s best friend or biggest challenge.  When I was thinking about their session, I kept dreaming about how their images would be lit with the sun behind them, giving them this amazing glow!

I love this 🙂  Seriously…lighting!  Is it weird that I daydream about light?

Their kiddos did so well!  And they couldn’t be sweeter 🙂

And Mom and Dad are pretty sweet too!

One more family shot 🙂


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